Ron’s Bad Video: Berserk Bot, Social Networking

Ron's imaging machine uses a meat knife in Ron's Gone Wrong's visible area.

Close friends do not get along well, Ron.
Drawing picture: In the 20th century

Those children today. Always their phones! It seems they have stopped communicating except via Instagram and TikTok and Whozit and Whatevers. But what if. instead of phones, their developmental lives were made through beautiful robots called B-Bots?

Honestly, it looks like everything will be fine … until it wasn’t.

Ron Has Done Wrong then the first episode from Locksmith Animation, and if Ron seems to recognize you, you’re probably thinking of another hard-to-understand white robot, which could be Baymax from the 2014 Disney movie Big Hero 6. Obviously, Ron is far more likely than his predecessor, as he needs to be told several times not to kill the children in this trailer alone. In the meantime, the search for the wrong robot is reminiscent of Netflix video Mitchells vs. Machine, which was released earlier this year.

What makes it Ron Has Done Wrong in contrast, it seems, is an important consideration in communicating the relationship. Or, as the government’s acronym puts it: “Ron Has Done Wrong and the story of Barney, a hard-hitting schoolboy with Ron, his new walk, talking, a tool connected by numbers, who is supposed to be your ‘Best Friend Over the Box.’ Ron’s humorous challenges, which began during the movie era, lead him to become more and more involved as a boy and a robot become accustomed to the disruption of real friendships. ”

The movie is clearly a metaphor for everyone’s ability to socialize online and on social media, but even though Barney’s father is concerned that his son is getting used to “another tool,” the B-Bots seem to be a bigger change than mobile phones. They help children clearly meet people in real life and try to make friends; it may be a protection, but for anyone who is concerned about the culture of these people it can be helpful. I’m sure hell will take one.

That’s it That and Shazam star Jacob Dylan Grazer as Barney, The resultZach Galifianakis as Ron, and OfficeEd Edms as a father. Olivia Colman, Rob Delaney, Justice Smith, Kylie Cantrall, Ricardo Hurtado, Marcus Scribner, and Thomas Barbusca also contributed. Ron Has Done Wrong is coming to the theater on October 22, but I’m sure it will go to Disney + at the end if you’re not in a hurry.

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