Retrokits RK-008 with MID-sequencer large pocket

If you like Korg Volca layout, then you have a good chance of hearing the name Restoration kale. The company develops a number of tools that will help you to get the most out of your electronic music, but specially made MIDI cable which adds features like velocity control to Volca FM has proven to be popular. The more recent member, the more interested he is.

RK-008 is a complete MIDI control center. It is an eight-way MIDI recording system, which allows it to be a glue that keeps your connection together. It also has a built-in metronome to help you save time and resources, which is important as not all MIDI information is recorded. (Although you can try it later, then change it if you want to get back to your bad game.)

Each method can be mapped in multiple directions, so that you can direct multiple weapons from one path, leaving the other seven open for … multiple weapons? You can re-draw eight sections on each of the eight tracks, then combine them into one, giving you a chance to read. And of course you can go ahead or sign up for any theater.

Each method can be used independently. Allowing you to test them out, add a move or translate them. And all is not destructive, so you can easily change your changes.

There is also an easy step to make RK-008. It may not work hard, but does it work as good as four on the ground?

There are two MIDI inputs and two MIDI outputs in the back, plus a dedicated port port. Tracks can be assigned to one or both parts, which is useful if you have a single machine that forces you to have each instrument in a certain way. These two ports mean that you can combine MIDI from different sources, as well as use different controllers on different devices.

It has as many lists as it does, and Retrokits says there is still a lot to be revealed, which is very interesting for what looks like a pocket calculator in the 1980s – and I mean this as a good thing. RK-008 seems to be a component MPC, part HP count, can fit in a pocket but still seems to be able to control all the music.

There are also more important questions, above all, when it will come out and how much it will cost. But we hope we will soon find out.

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