Reports do not show any ‘differences’ between Sony’s PS5 models

In late August, YouTuber Austin Evans posted a video on Sony’s update PlayStation 5 “CFI-1100” console. He was one of the first to receive a pre-designed version and the only thing he found after dropping the note was that Sony had made it small and lightweight heatsink. In testing the agency, Evans found that the heat of the fur was more adequate than the original, which led him to say that it was “worse” than before. These are words that have caused a stir, and in some cases, confusion over whether people will buy the modified version of the CFI-1100.

Now we have a clear answer to what the new heatsink means on the PlayStation 5. Working together, Digital System and Nexus games shed tears of independence and reviewed the contractor. The short answer to their findings is that “in any case, there is no difference between the old and new PS5s.” The long answer is that the new cooling of the PS5 is a bit more complicated than previously mentioned.

In addition to creating a new fuel assembly, Sony replaced the box with the basin available in the redesigned PS5. The effects of this change are some things that work well and some that burn. However, Digital System he says, “there’s no evidence that this provides anything worth worrying about, assuming you’re keeping your PS5 in a safe place.”

Unfortunately, the retailer found that once it installed the latest firmware from Sony, there was no longer any functionality between the new and old models. Both models attract as much energy as they need to have enough time for exercise and make their fans less noise. While all the comfort is starting to heat up, you won’t see putting up functionality as you would with a PC GPU. In any case, if he hits a temperature where his belongings are at risk, everything just shuts off so he doesn’t get damaged.

“The important question of whether the new PS5 is better or worse than the original method can be answered by saying that they are very similar, depending on what users end up with,” he said. Digital System.

The biggest draw from the analysis done by the retail space and that you can better buy a modified version. You do not have to do anything to get some updates. Instead, it may be best to avoid doing so because many firefighters have tried to take advantage of the original video that Evans posted selling their start-up machines at a higher cost.

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