Priyanka Chopra Jonas says her family helped her deal with all kinds of shortcomings

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has become a global icon today. Now a major star in India, but overseas, he has made a place for himself. However, one thing that has helped her to achieve all of this is her perseverance and the constant support of her family.

On a recent visit, she spoke about how her family has helped her to cope with life’s challenges, personal and professional. He said, “One of the things my family really taught me was that nothing could hurt you. You may feel like you’re about to break, but you’re confident enough that nothing will bother you.”

He added, “Any kind of failure, any kind of rejection, if you have a family that gives you such encouragement, no matter what, I can go back to my parents and say I’m wrong and they’re still in my corner. Such self-esteem gives a child a lot of confidence. And I think having my family having my back, no matter what, I have been the greatest gift of all. ”

Mr. Priyanka concluded by saying, “I think this has helped me too. Through the ups and downs, it keeps me steady, it keeps me from drowning. I am so grateful to my family.”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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