Nintendo has significantly reduced the exchange rate in Europe

Nintendo has officially reduced the retail price of a switch in Europe, Nintendo Moyo has said, I hope to send a phone call down there to the US. Now it is there £ 260 in the UK or € 300 (up to € 270 in France) elsewhere in Europe, instead of more than £ 280 (€ 330), in a Nintendo store.

“Nintendo Europe is turning the Nintendo switchch console into Europe for sale,” a spokesman said in a statement. Chasing. “More than four and a half years after its first release, Nintendo switchch continues to be the strongest retailer in Europe. of Nintendo switchch. “

The US price drop for the unit base has been rumor The OLED switch will arrive on October 8. The new model features a large 7-inch, 720p OLED display with small bezels, a new connector, an ethernet port and speaker switching, though no other enhanced features. With all the other fixed features, low prices make the starting brand a good one.

“We changed prices before the introduction of the Nintendo switchch – the OLED Model so that the price difference between each brand in Nintendo’s retailer, My Nintendo Store, is where Nintendo judges should be,” Nintendo said.

The Nintendo switchch base is still showing at $ 300 US at the official Amazon and Nintendo store, I hope this will change soon. The OLED switch will cost $ 350 in the US, £ 310 in the UK and € 365 elsewhere in Europe. The price of Switch Lite will not change, the company said.

Edit 9/13/2021 8:15 AM: Base switch prices in most Europe are € 300 not € 270 as previously reported, although available at € 270 in France on Amazon. The message has been replaced with the correct values.

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