NFL rookie QB training: Mac Jones surpasses Zach Wilson, Trevor Lawrence; Trey Lance swords cameo

Welcome to the NFL, rooks.

The 2021 Class NFL Draft quarterback will be one that can be discussed for years to come: Only two times in NFL history have there been five losses in the first half, and this next seed could be a very good one. “End” is the word here.

In Week 1, Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville, Zach Wilson of New York and Mac Jones of New England all started their first career differently, and Trey Lance of San Francisco also began to do a little more.

While the three start-ups may not have been able to win the first round, there are enough Ws to come in the coming weeks. Here are four of the first five to take action after the Sunday Week 1 game, and here are how they managed to make their start:

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Trey Lance: Not enough

Results: 1/1 passes (100%), 5 yards, one hit, uninterrupted

It’s fitting that Trey Lance’s appearance in San Francisco was just a cup of coffee.

Third-placed finisher Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, Lance have a bit of a difficult path to the NFL starter-dom, sitting behind Jimmy Garoppolo as the 49ers look to bounce back from the 2020 injury season and stay strong in the NFC.

Head coach Khanahan may not give Lance the keys unless something goes wrong with Jimmy Garoppolo this year, but he will work with them skillfully, when needed.

If Sunday’s game was any indication, Lance will have a different design in 2021, using both his legs and arm to correct the offense and increase the dangerous potential known to hit San Fran: Trent Sherfield.

Expect to see Lance as the season progresses, but in the meantime, they get a little, not enough “less” on Sunday.

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Zach Wilson: C

Results: 20/37 (54.1 percent), 258 yards, two touchdowns, one way

Zach Wilson went through two pre-season pre-season games against backups and was delighted. Problem with this analysis: Wilson played in two pre-season games and was playing against a setback. This is especially important as a game sign on a retail machine.

Wilson’s first real NFL action was good, and the tape will tell you that it was a two-part story: the first half of Wilson was a nightmare, the wrong thrills and mistakes that made Week 1 do this seem so legitimate.

The second half was longer, representing a type of player who could be a long-term player: Finished 14/21 through the second half of 174 yards with two touchdowns. He also revealed some of his signature edits and changes that made him the No. 2 candidate in 2021:

The tape also tells you that the Jets, the youngest team in the NFL, have a long way to go, and the Jets still have a long and long journey as a team to do well in supporting him. The offensive line was mixed and his leading team, no matter how good it was since the Darnold era, will need time to compete as the season progresses.

However, it was Game 1 of Week 1 of Year 1 of Robert Saleh-Zach Wilson’s time in New York. There is enough of that to make you happy to enter Week 2 and beyond.

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Trevor Lawrence: C +

Results: Over 28/511 (54.9%), 332 yards, three touchdowns, three stages

Wheel training? Which training wheels are available?

It will be a real baptism and fire for Trevor Lawrence, but I believe it is not hot for him in 2021. This does not seem to be the case in Week 1, when he lost his first football match in his life. The facts.

While the rookie has been lured into some error, the Jaguars franchise passer will have to wade through difficult waters as Jacksonville continues its second year of rebuilding.

Expect the same from what you saw in Week 1 all season defensively for the Jags and Lawrence and the offense should be played very far back, putting Lawrence and the offense in the best position.

Sunday’s game against the Texans showed a prelude to scouts and fans love Lawrence’s game: He was confident, he was right, he moved the pocket well and wasn’t afraid to start. He should continue to build as the Jaguars try to figure out the Urban Meyer route in Jacksonville.

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Mac Jones: B +

Results: 29/39 (74.3%), 281 yards, 1 touchdown, non-stop

After the first difficult test …

… Jones calmed down and showed off a good start for those who started participating on Sunday.

The Alabama sale was released on his show against Miami, running better than his former Crimson Tide counterpart in the Patriots (win / lose) on Sunday. Jones showed resilience in the pocket and made several shots that made him the Patriots QB first since Drew Bledsoe in 1993.

An important characteristic of Jones’ character: Take what he protects. Although there were times when Jones seemed to be rich, Jones kept the Pats in the game and did his best to keep New England there. It will be a learning year for him, but an early return is better.

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