Morning After: Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ specialty comes from Whole Foods

Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, is finally bringing in the highest quality products we expect to sell nationwide. His non-profit Just Walk Out expertise will be coming soon two places for All Food, when I started in the same Amazon stores.

Just Walk Out uses computer vision, sensors and AI to allow you to enter the store, sign up for the app, fill your wallets and leave without having to enter the pay line or search for your items.

I’ve tried the machine on our Amazon Fresh, and reluctantly admit, it’s magical. It’s not my purchase that I buy, so I only take one or two items. I shop there to see how everything works and the brick kiln that Amazon was selling.


A number of plants grow on the roof of the consumer watch, which they check with their Amazon account as they pass through the turning points. Shelves have sensors to detect when customers are carrying items – and all of this is incredible. Unless it’s difficult. One time, I went in to pick up a newspaper (what? I like extras?) And some milk. Unfortunately, it added to my shopping list, and you were notified when you left the store. For Amazon, they quickly reimbursed me as soon as I got rid of the problem through this app. It’s the first days of technology, which is pre-arranged when every buyer goes through his or her stores. There is also an easy way to carry your luggage when you look.

I just saw the staff check the entrants, because a lot of people are confused by the arrogance of the place, and filling the shelves, but the agencies Amazon’s inexpensive technology will destroy employees at some point. The company says the new Whole Foods site “will use several members of the same international food retail groups.”

This may only be the beginning. Amazon signed an agreement last year to provide access to other retailers, so even if there are no Whole Foods (or Amazon Fresh or Go) near you, you probably won’t need to go out.

– Matt Smith

Do not open Office files unless they are from a source you are completely dependent on.

Microsoft warns that some attackers are resorting to malicious code-breaking methods using corrupt Office files. It affects Windows Servers from version 2008 and Windows 7 to 10. The file simply launches Internet Explorer to upgrade the malware page, which has the power of ActiveX to download malware to the victim’s computer.

Microsoft claims that Defender Antivirus and Defender for Endpoint can detect risks and prevent infections, so users need to be updated and taken action.

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The Real Design Window is designed to protect the appearance of the cage.

The next morning

LG Chem

LG Chem has developed a new type of window – that is, a pre-installed external display that can protect them from exposure – which is said to be as strong as glass and able to protect the surface of the device’s connections. Then the curse of any weapon that can be gained is folded and stretched several times.

The company calls itself Wind Folding Window. It is made of PET film with the latest technology to cover both sides, and can be folded externally and internally, in contrast to the existing visual aids.

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The result: state liberation.

Google has released the final fifth beta for Pixel phones (including Pixel 5a) and several other devices, showing you the final version before it comes.

The Tools You Make is a great upgrade on Android 12, including all the refreshing features, animated animations and color themes that fit your paper. These final applications are due sometime in the coming “weeks,” Google said. If history shows anything, only Pixel owners can get Android 12 for the first time.

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It is also less than in the past.

DJI Osmo Mobile 5


DJI’s Osmo Mobile 5 has an extended arm, so you can use it as a selfie stick. The new gimbal is as big as a palm tree and is three times smaller than the last type. OM 5 is available at both ends, Sunset White and Athens Gray, as of today. It costs $ 159 and includes a magnetic connector, triple, hand strap, power cord and storage bag.

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