Maryland judge commits suicide as FBI allies appear to arrest

A judge in Maryland says he committed suicide when FBI agents arrived at his home to arrest him for child abuse.

Caroline County District Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, was laid to rest in July for placing a hidden camera in his locker room to secretly photograph young boys.

Baltimore Sun. reports that the boy Newell went on a hunt on Hoopers Island found a hidden camera in the bathroom on July 23, and his parents told police. When investigators questioned him about this, the judge searched and swallowed the memory card, according to the complaint.

“A Newell neighbor posted pictures on Facebook stating that the FBI was outside Henderson’s home, Md.

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The parents of the two young men that Newell took with him on the trip filed a lawsuit and did not ask permission to sue him last month.

According to the Sun, the petition “asked them not to approach the boys’ school and other events, and warned that any contact would cause parents to contact Maryland State police to” disturb witnesses. ” “

Many of the boys who went with the judge told the investigators to “examine their bodies if they had ticks” in the toilet.

“Two or two men said they were naked when Newell looked at them as if he had ticks – one said he had moved his genitals to Newell to check for ticks, and the other initially did not remember if Newell had touched his genitals, but later said Newell once or twice moved. the baby’s genitals to look at ticks, “FBI Special Officer Rachel Corn wrote in a complaint.

A search of his house, car and judicial office found a hard drive with boys’ bath screens.

A neighbor told Sun that rumors of an investigation into the operation were “well known here.”

“Everything he wrote on Facebook is just about guys,” he said.

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