“Mark Finchem Has Had It From the Beginning”

Arizona State Attorney Mark Finchem has been endorsed by former Captain Army and vegetable researcher Seth Keshel at their request for the 2022 Secretary of State of Arizona.

Mark Finchem has committed itself to electoral integrity by the end of the 2020 elections.

The Gateway Pundit yati Rep. Mark Finchem is leading the work at Arizona Ballot Integrity to defend elections in Arizona and money-class fraud on voting.

In addition, the Rep. Finchem has shown great leadership in conducting research across Maricopa County, in Measure County.

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Rep. Finchem shared the story and Seth Keshel confirmed it with Retweet.

I am fortunate that the Loyalty Specialist, Former Soldier CPT & OEF Vet @SKeshel has endorsed my Secretary of State campaign on the same day as he investigated the Maricopa investigation.

“Arizona wants a Secretary of State who will stand for election and protect the right to vote for the People. This is why I agree with Rep. Mark Finchem for this important position. Mark Finchem has been this from the beginning; The Court that convened and presided over them on November 30, 2020 was the first of its kind, and has urged other lawmakers around the world to reconsider their decisions. Mark is a team builder and so on President Trump said, “he’s a great leader in Arizona.” Mark Finchem is my assistant secretary of state in Arizona. (3/3)

Seth Keshel has joined US Congressman Paul Gosar with his approval of Mark Finchem.

BREAKING: AZ nominee Secretary of State Mark Finchem: “I call Arizona to announce the 2020 Elections and remember the Elected… We Have a Responsibility” – 96K + GHOST VOTES

Arizona wants a Secretary of State who will defend elections in Arizona.

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