LG says its new ‘Real Folding Window’ feature is as hard as glass

For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 the devices were very successful at home, and market research teams love it The opposite believe that printed posts should grow in the coming years. The devices that can be stored will not be useless in the near future, and LG has developed new features that will make this possible. LG Chem has is designed a new type of window – that is, a pre-installed outer part that protected them from damage – which is said to be as strong as glass and able to protect the shape of the device’s connections.

The company calls it “Winding Folding Real,” and it is made with a PET film that is wrapped in both sides and with the latest technology. The spokesman explained: “In contrast to the existing polyimide screens and glassware equipment, a screen window that uses the latest LG Chem technologies will facilitate flexibility, and also provide better responses to layered phones such as long-term repairs such as cage shapes for window sealing. . “

In addition, the Real Window can be folded externally and internally as opposed to the existing ones which are designed to fold in one direction. LG Chem is said to be thinner than hot glass, is more expensive in competition and has been tested to withstand more than 200,000 folds.

Although the coverage of both sides is less than a few micrometers, the company is developing a version of Real Folding Window that does not use PET video. The idea is to create a very small window for you to use on devices such as smart phones and displays. LG Chem plans to launch mass production of Real Folding Window in 2022 and begin selling next year.

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