Kings Select: NFL DFS Questions for Week 1 Ravens-Raiders Showdown

The Ravens and Raiders set the bow for Week 1 with Monday night’s game in Vegas. Bookmakers have mentioned the game with 52 / Ravens as 5.5 fans, which means there is no shortage of important choices on the DraftKings Showdown list. While most NFL DFS players are just looking at Baltimore’s mistakes, we think Vegas is playing another exciting game. Remember, the Raiders finished 10th in the playoffs last season.

It has been the worst season in Baltimore, losing three of the top four RB injuries at the end of the season and WR Rashod Bateman (at the top) for at least three games. Check for Lamar Jackson to accumulate more on his shoulders and for the offense to depend on bread and butter. Calling Jackson your manager requires dedication, but it is important to receive the reward.

Here are some of the most popular DraftKings Showdown: I Full PPR, and there it is three-place bonuses for 300 yards of pass, 100 runners, and 100 yards recipients. The captain takes 1.5 times the starting price of the player, but also makes a maximum of 1.5 points.

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Experimental Options: Crow vs. Blood

$ 50,000 budget, requires one player per team.

Captain (1.5x value, 1.5x points): QB Lamar Jackson, Ravens ($ 18,600)

Whew, (projected) production comes at a price. Considering the consequences of the Baltimore offense, as well as 11 Jackson’s 30-plus DraftKings scandals over the past two days, it’s worth putting him on your list. The Ravens should trust him more than ever, and we know the kind of thing he can do against anyone.

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FLEX: TE Mark Andrews, Ravens ($ 9,000)

Weather forecasters said the Ravens were properly assessed by 2021, but the damage from the damage has led to a change in plans. If they are forced to return to their true mistakes, look to Andrews to resume their involvement as Jackson’s most successful choice, especially in the red zone. He has scored 17 goals in his last 29 games.

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FLEX: WR Marquise Brown, Ravens ($ 7,600)

Identified by the Crow headline is this line. Brown needed a lot of nurses at the camp, but chemistry should not be a problem for an active third-year recipient and a caller. Brown is not only a threat, but he can bite his fellow players with a long, even double – reward – three times in his career.

FLEX: WR Bryan Edwards, Raiders ($ 5,600)

We know that Darren Waller ($ 10,800) is the Raiders de facto “WR1,” but without former head coach Jon Gruden to take over, Edwards will have the opportunity to look for a next step. Ravens High School will be without a start for Marcus Peters, who tore up his ACL this week.

FLEX: WR Henry Ruggs III, Raiders ($ 5,000)

The Ruggs are on a boat similar to Edwards, heading into Year 2 with a chance to advance. Last Ravens high school should release a few things for the Ruggs, but we still pray for a bigger shot. The odds of betting suggest that Las Vegas should be active in the goal department, however, we are ready to shoot all of them who have won the second year of Vegas.

FLEX: K Justin Tucker, Ravens ($ 4,000)

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have to persuade him to buy Jackson as our captain and give him the necessary pieces as well. As for the strikers, the decision will not be better than Tucker, who has recorded two games in 11 games since 2019. It is hoped that Las Vegas defender Gus Bradley will be able to help the defense in 2021. If this is achieved, Tucker could be preparing for a number of field trials .

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