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Jessica Chastain spoke in her red moments with her ‘Scenes From the Marriage’ partner Oscar Isaac, repeating that the two had happily married to other people.

Jessica Chastain has answered his red-hot moment with a co-star Oscar Isaac. They are on display for their upcoming HBO services Wedding Photos at the Venice International Film Festival last week, a recent video Oscar, 42, strokes and kisses her in the arms of a friend who became an internet star. The 44-year-old mother said this on Wednesday, saying she was “doing it”.

“We play, and Oscar and I have been friends – we went to college together – so we’ve been friends for more than half of our lives,” Jessica said. TODAY. “I’ll just say, this is a slow-moving movie, and everyone’s having a lot of fun.” The Golden Globe winner has provided more in the meantime, explaining how Oscar unwittingly managed to smooth out his armpit.

“I think it was funny because when you look at it quickly, I look ahead and he looks at me and he just goes to give me a hug, and at the same time, I hug him,” he said. “Suddenly, his face ends up in my armpit. He made a joke. All the artists started laughing, and they were like, ‘What happened?’ ”

The actor also joked that the internet could be stabilized due to the lack of social interaction amidst the closure itself. “We have all been locked up in our homes for a long time. When the video started to spread, I was like, people just need to see people touch each other and touch each other, “said Jessica.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac at the Venice International Film Festival on September 4, 2021 (Rune Hellestad / UPI / Shutterstock)

The actress married a fashionista Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo since 2017, when Oscar was married to a writer Elvira Lind since 2017, too. A few days after the red carpet, Jessica took over Twitter is the right answer: photo of Morticia and Gomez Addams from Addams family by encouraging the release of Wedding Photos.

Based on Swedish ministries with the same name in 1973, the show will follow a broken marriage with Jessica and Oscar leading the way. If their red oil video has any information, chemistry can be tackled.

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