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Jennifer Lopez looked royalty as soon as she entered the gondola while searching for what looked like a new Dolce & Gabbana campaign!

Jennifer Lopez, 52, returned to kill. The singer “Jenny From The Block” was shocked when she rocked a beautiful lace-up dress with an Italian print Dolce & Gabbana Saturday, September 111. Jennifer was spotted wearing a tight-fitting dress – which featured a large portrait of the famous St Mark’s Campanile tower in Pizza San Marco – exiting the Venice gondola. The dress, which was part of the celebration of the famous Italian city, includes images of the Church of St.

Mother was very beautiful with red lips. (Cobra / BACKGRID Group)

The New York-born man was brilliant as he brought the storm, choosing to have the front parts of the pair return to both sides of his head. She added a color with red lips, which look great on her personal dream gondola. At one point, he hid his eyes behind a mirror. In particular, Jennifer was there too The latest D&G event for the Venice Film Festival where she looks gorgeous in a green flower cup.

Jennifer Lopez starts the gondola on Sept. 10. (Cobra Team / BACKGRID_

The beautiful look came just one day after J.Lo made it red carpet first appearance in public it is a new kindness Ben Affleck, 49! The two stared so lovingly when they arrived together for Ben’s first program The Last Duel, Install cameras and carry on PDA. Journalists and fans shouted as the two exited the same car, showing off their first red carpet appearance since 2003.

Jennifer Lopez seems to be launching a new D&G campaign. (Cobra / BACKGRID Group

Jennifer shook the hot heat Georges Hobeika a dress with a beautiful crystal detail and a large cut skirt. He added two silver pumps to the platform as well as matching controls, as well as diamond jewelry emblazoned with the French Cartier top line. Meanwhile, Ben was wearing a black tuxedo and a white shirt. The Oscar winner was so bright that he laughed and smiled at the cameras, looking happier than ever!

While the stars should not talk about their rekindled love, J.Lo fraudulently mentioned the relationship in a discussion of the 19th anniversary of his interpretation of the disc. This Is Me… Then. “As I listened to it [album] on various bands, these songs are more important today than they were then, “he told Apple Music in July. It was a really good time in his life. And the song, when it’s important, never ends… love, it never ends. It’s just, “he added.

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