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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck had crazy fans as they showed off their big PDA at the first appearance on the red carpet since they came back together!

Since then Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Ben Affleck, 49, is back together – the world has never been the same. The newly reinstated couple made their original red carpet as a new family to Venice Film Festival Sept. 10. The love birds were featured in Ben’s first movie, The Last Duel, and they both look amazing when they kiss on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck carried on the PDA a red paper at the Venice Film Festival & the couple did not get along. (David Fisher / Download)
jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck looked stunned when they appeared at Ben’s new red movie theater, ‘The Last Duel,’ at the Venice Film Festival on September 10. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

J.Lo and Ben couldn’t take it they have taken away their eyes each other and when Ben got out of the carpet alone, he smiled at the cameras before opening the door of his car to reveal Jennifer. As soon as the crowd saw that they were all together, the idols became angry and began to admire them. Ben was smiling from ear to ear and starting to laugh because the experience was so great.

jennifer lopez
The lovely birds looked gorgeous together on the red carpet as Ben rocked the black tuxedo & J.Lo wore a white Georges Hobeika white skintight dress cut along the leg. (David Fisher / Download)

On the red carpet, Ben and Jen looked at each other eyes lovingly as he kissed her lips. J.Lo slammed Georges Hobeika’s sleeveless sleeveless dress with a low neckline that revealed a full stretch. The neck was full of glittering crystals and the skirt of the dress had a lump with a sculpted rod, revealing its stone legs.

J.Lo combined its angelic form with heels made of stainless steel and a solid crystal fabric. By now, Ben was looking better than ever in a black tuxedo ride and patent leather shoes. The pair stayed in Venice together for the past week and wherever they go, they can no longer cope. We live with Ben and Jen and we love the way they live together.

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