Jacksonville State shocked Florida State as TD flew in while the Seminoles invasion was thwarted

The teams begin the action: they leave the field at Doak Campbell Stadium and win Florida State.

First, it was No. 9 Notre Dame at the end of a fun time. Then it was. . . State Jacksonville at the end of the fourth quarter?

The final Saturday night game started with six seconds left. Quarterback Zerrick Cooper threw to senior receiver Damond Philyaw-Johnson at FSU 20. Philyaw-Johnson-stuttered-swung back and forth with fellow teammate, wide receiver Ahmad Edwards, before stepping onto the field to throw. Philyaw-Johnson went into the final to complete 59 games as time went on and saved Jacksonville State (1-1) a stunning 20-17 victory.

The success of the Gamecocks continues what it once was a representative for the start of the FCS football program year: Now the FCS have won eight more than those against the FBS in two weeks combined.

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Jacksonville State scored two goals at the end of 4:45 to erase Florida 17-7 lead. The Gamecock also won the Seminoles 350-335.

The first week, the Seminoles felt compelled to enjoy the season. He took the Irish – who arrived at the College Football Playoff last season – to extend his time, but missed a field goal. Notre Dame started the running game and fled Tallahassee with a 41-38 victory.

Jacksonville is not Notre Dame. Gamecock were thrashed 31-0 at home by UAB as they went 517-156.

Notre Dame, meanwhile, won Saturday against a team that has to beat. It was the last minute with Toledo already quarterback Jack Coan has saved Fighting Ireland from a catastrophic catastrophe in the wake of the CFP resumption.

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