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Joe Biden’s Notes

Put down the coffee beverage additives. A few weeks ago, Joe Biden’s leadership was hailed as a victory. Coronavirus was on the run. The US economy was returning. And Democrats are looking to pass on Biden’s financial debt early in the fall. A quick comparison between Biden and Franklin Roosevelt was beaten.

A few weeks backwards have changed everything. Delta diversity that generates consumer interest and creates a file for a report of wrongdoing. Predictions of democratic defeat in the run-up to next year’s general elections are now commonplace, which could turn Biden into a crippled duck. Suddenly people announce Biden “failed leadership“Some write”How Delta fought Biden“.

Writing for him right now is just as expensive as keeping an unplanned place on Rushmore Mountain. The change came week 4 July. That’s when Biden failed to achieve his goal of sending 70% of Americans against Covid-19. He missed it in a few weeks. The American vaccine is now at 75%, which is not dangerous even though it is very popular in Europe. But the last day you missed is unforgivable, especially if you work for the media.

Biden’s major repatriation, however, was the disruption of Afghanistan’s departure. The July 2 release from Bagram in the air took place on the last day he made himself on August 31. But the events undermined Biden’s well-known reputation, which was probably his most important factor in Donald Trump’s defeat. No special White House petition could change the fact that the US outbreak has undermined US interests. Since then Biden’s approval has dropped by about six-fifths, which is a slope. When it comes to journalists, his leadership is now at stake.

Afghan people outside Kabul airport on August 26 are trying to reach out to foreign groups to show their visas and flee the country © Akhter Gulfam / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

This is not to be taken lightly. Those with moderate memories remember the death announced if President Bill Clinton was defeated at the end of 1994. Clinton should have reminded Americans that the US president is still important. He also served for another six years. Barack Obama’s resignation was announced several times before he was re-elected. Sometimes a funeral is the basis for a funeral. There was little doubt, for example, of Trump immersion his hopes of being re-selected at the beginning of the epidemic were linked to an unknown drug among the dead.

Nothing Biden is experiencing here is comparable to that. For all its wrongdoing, leaving Afghanistan is still in the hands of the US people, even though the President has taken part in his actions. The real test of his wealth will come in the next few weeks when we find out if he can pass his $ 1.2tn construction budget and $ 3.5tn “American families are planning”, all of which could have a significant impact on working Americans. One of the reasons many Republicans oppose the first bill and all in unison against the second is that they know their popularity.

There is a serious risk that Biden will fall into this trap. The Democratic Party split in the middle on the left, led by Bernie Sanders, who believes debt is less than what Biden promised, as well as centres like Joe Manchin who he believes are too big. Manchin recently called for a “temporary break” on higher pay to go beyond construction. This is not accompanied by a left-hand party, which connects the passage to each other.

In doing so Manchin, whose votes are important in the 50:50 Senate, is playing hard to win. No major family law in U.S. history has been passed that has been documented as hopeless on the way. Biden’s total investment is likely to be reduced by a trillion dollars or more that will be set up later this year. There will be thunder and lightning from time to time. Will Biden be back for the next FDR?

The answer is no. The talk of re-establishing US capitalism was always surprising. These loans will help secure the United States instead of changing its image. But it could also make the lives of millions of Americans smaller, which is better in itself and more useful for voting. Whether this is enough to deal with fraud is another matter. In the meantime, Biden should not be labeled as hopeless or declare a savior of our age. Like most presidents, they are in the middle.

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