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Season 3 of ‘Good Trouble’ ended on a few cliffhanger, but at the last minute everyone asked: is Callie leaving the show? HL acquired special season 4 recordings from the show’s EP.

Major changes are ahead when Good Problem it returns to the fourth season. Yes, the Freeform list has been updated for the fourth time. After the final 3 game editing game, fans have questions should answered.

Callie is left to question the choice of career in a big way at the end of the episode when her relationship with Gael ends. Mariana believes she is succeeding in Restoring Beauty but Evan challenges her? HollywoodLife spoke of the MOST IMPORTANT one to the main manufacturer Joanna Johnson about what his 4th season is preparing for and all that was accomplished at the end.

The end of this section informs Callie’s future. What does the way forward look to him? He seemed to be at a crossroads in his life.
Joanna Johnson: He is at a crossroads, and he is watching his life and all the ways in which he has gone astray. When you first come back, it’s funny because they first went to San Francisco to work as a generous landowner, but ended up working with Wilson and going to LA because Judas was at UCLA. He hasn’t done well and he wants her. And Mariana was like, ‘If you go to LA, I’ll go to LA.’ So there is a real way Callie is tormented from what he wants to do. He wanted to work for ACLU. He wants to change the world, and all of a sudden he finds himself a lawyer, which is why he is testing his life and his future.

Is Callie insisting or is it probably leaving LA?
Joanna Johnson: You know, we’ll just see. It is a rock for a good reason.

Maia Mitchell is back, okay?
Joanna Johnson: We’ll see Maia Mitchell, yeah.

Mariana has chosen to become an assistant at Revitalize Beauty while still working at Byte Beauty. We realized that Evan could work with Jackie. Is he trying to destroy Mariana, or is there something we don’t know yet?
Joanna Johnson: This is the secret of it all. The last thing we expected was to see Jackie and Evan. We did not see Evan for a while after he left. I think the question is, does he have a relationship with Jackie in any other way? Does he want revenge on Mariana? There are so many things that could be. We want the audience to be thinking. Like, what is Evan doing? Also on Mariana’s part, did Mariana agree to see her? He tells the Byte Club girls that he broke up with her and is no longer going behind them, which is why he has two different mountains.

Isaac is back in the life of Malchus. What would you say about the significance of his appearance in his life?
Joanna Johnson: That is the question. I mean, you know, you know who he is. What did he come back for? He returns late at night. He did not send any text messages. He just appeared. It’s got to be something. It makes you think it’s a cause for love. People don’t like to come at night before texting or singing to each other unless they’re encouraged in some way, but maybe that’s not the case. What did Malika do? I think he has a big problem with Dyonte. I love their chemistry. I love their relationship. Not Angelica. They are looking for sex. I think people should remember that he said to Isaac, ‘Look, if you can’t deal with this, let’s go back to being men. Let’s go back to living together as we were because I don’t want to lose you. I love you. ‘ And they went forth out of the city. He left the world. They did not agree there for very long. I know some people think this is Malika’s problem and what would she do to Isaac… but I think Malika was as honest as she felt. He wanted to explore this polyamory or other relationships, and he was honest with her. He also said, ‘You are my first. I choose you first. ‘It hurt him, which is clear in his mind. The way he did this was to leave her and just go. So he went on with his life and now he is back. Have you lost Dyonte and Angelica, but they love her. It’s okay for Malika to stay, but we don’t know if that’s why she came back.

Gael and Callie made a difficult decision broken. She tries to look at Isabella and the baby. He knows he can’t give Callie the right attention in a relationship. When it comes to Isabella and Gael, are you planning to keep them as friends with one child, or could this turn into something else along the way?
Joanna Johnson: I think there will always be pressure it wouldn’t be easy if we just stayed together? Gael’s family would love this. It can make everything easier, but you can’t force yourself to be in love with someone because she’s pregnant. You can’t force it, but on the other hand, I think they have the best machines together. Isabella seems to be healthier than the time we saw her, but you never know. He has a side of his that we’ve already seen that can be fake, a little unsettled. Did he just stay with his good character? You have this problem, which I think is fun. Anything is possible. I think he has chemistry, but does he mean to be romantic or not? I do not know. We need to see.

We should discuss the Triangle of Dennis, Davis, and Matt. What would you despise the next three times?
Joanna Johnson: I hope the audience loves Matt because I think Matt is beautiful. It’s a good, solid decision for Davia. She feels safe with him. And the problem is, even though Dennis has been trying his best… I think that when Dennis texted Matt to say, ‘Come to Davia,’ it wasn’t really a commitment. It proves that he is really trying to change and put Davia ahead of him. But he left and this hurt Daviaa very much. So the question is, do they trust him? Also, Dennis still has a lot of healing to do, I think he’s come a long way, and I’m glad to see that the man has started again. I think it’s great, beautiful and beautiful to watch. But is it enough? I think it can go either way. I think they can choose one. I believe both movements were clever.

Alice has made some major decisions regarding love life and work. What do his movements look like in the fourth season?
Joanna Johnson: Alice has come a long way since we met her in the driver’s seat. Alice’s follow-up always tries to find her voice and tries to stand up for herself as much as she can for others. I think he’s grown up a lot, but old habits die hard. It will be Alice’s constant struggle to keep up. Now that they have won a variety program by taking power and making their own show, they are still very green. He should know his job and be a good joker. Being a stand-up comedian is a really difficult road. It’s not difficult. I think it’s interesting to look back at the work of these people as they did and how they came to be. I think so Lunar New Year’s Celebration brought back another part of Alice. Don’t just sit, who? But is he known as an Asian and an Asian actor? That’s why I think it’s become his progressive arc. Also, she still loves Sumi. Sumi has changed a lot, and it’s beautiful together. But could she take the risk of falling back on Sumi’s return? I think that’s the hard part for him.

It’s not known if Callie and Jamie still love each other. Is reconciliation possible in the future?
Joanna Johnson: It is always possible. There is something about chemistry between Jamie and Callie that cannot be denied and between Beau and Maia. I love them together. I love their power. Now that he doesn’t have Gael, the question is, did he really beat Jamie? Have he and Jamie both learned? I think Callie has learned that in the legal business, you have to get your hands dirty. I think Jamie knows he doesn’t like some of the bad things going on in the DA’s office, so he probably understands each other’s thoughts a little bit about what he messed up in the second season.

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