“I’ll Fight Like Hell To Stop Joe Biden”

Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday evening responded to Joe Biden’s proposal to reduce the amount of blood transfusions shipped to Florida.

As before reports, Biden Regime this week has given Florida less than half the life-saving medication needed for seven days.

Reds such as Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and others have also been nominated by Biden Regime.

According to reports, Florida requires about 72,000 monoclonal antibodies each week, however, Biden Regime only shipped Florida 30,950 this week.

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On Thursday Psaki defended this and said the first thing in Biden Regime is to “be the same”.

It is owned by the Covid dictatorship.

DeSantis criticized Biden and said he had “fought a war like hell” for the people of Florida.

“It’s not wrong to punish Florida for hating it,” he added.


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