How USMNT turned the dangerous half into Honduras into a much-needed qualifying victory at the World Cup

The game’s clock was all 90 minutes long and the result was confirmed when Tyler Adams, a long-distance US men’s team player, was found with the ball in the middle of the pitch at the Estadio Olimpico Metropolitano. Why not go somewhere else? There are no such things as many goals in football. No one shouts “multiply.”

As a result, Adams pushed the ball in the middle, young U.S. Ricardo Pepi forced a save from Honduran midfielder Luis Lopez, and veteran Sebastian Lletget threw the ball into the net to return to complete a 4-1 win was the first in the United States to reach the final of the CONCACAF World Cup.

Who would have believed that Wednesday’s break when Americans would close out the night looking at the diversity of goals?

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During the break, it seems that 45 minutes of matching work can make assistant Gregg Berhalter (below) just look for the next job opportunity.

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There were a few shots in El Salvador, then a forward shot and a 1-1 draw at home against Canada. In the middle, a popular midfielder Weston McKennie was suspended and sent home violating group principles. And now the United States seems to be heading into an empty evening that could possibly put Berhalter in the same position as Jurgen Klinsmann stood in pursuit of a series of victories that opened the final round of the 2018 World Cup. USMNT did the worst in the first half.

“We had a meeting, and we discussed the speculation we were making,” Berhalter told reporters. “It is understandable that the fans did not enjoy the two points in the two games. But it would not eliminate the qualification. It was about to prepare for the next game; that was the important thing.

“The attitude of the boys over the last two days has completely changed. I think they are comfortable and stable. The views surrounding the camp were excellent. Although all of this happened a few days ago, the boys were happy. “

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Berhalter’s idea of ​​setting up an untested line in an unusual format that forced several players to perform unusual tasks led the first half against Honduras even though its author would not like it. It would be inaccurate to say that Americans had the opportunity to travel for a purpose; Honduras did not create so many opportunities. No, the US was lucky that FIFA or CONCACAF or Lionel Messi did not throw themselves into the field and refused to allow the team that did so to continue playing.

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The American people were cruel. James Sands, who played as a midfielder, appeared to be playing for the right wing of USA Hockey – without skates. He spent more time behind her than on her feet. Adams (above) had his wings placed on the right side instead of pretending to be a footballer and was fired when Diego Rodriguez scored the 27th goal with Brayan Moya, who passed behind defender John Brooks just as Canadian Cyle Larin had three days earlier.

Berhalter’s considerations in choosing his layout and style are difficult to explain. Away from the difficulties that led to his return, and from a nearly unintentional return in USMNT history, he analyzed the failures of the first half. He seemed to disapprove of his design which was wrong, instead pointing to fatal errors as “our back line wasn’t pushing fast enough” and failing to win chances for a second ball when you hit goals, and the team frustrated after falling backwards.

Berhalter laughed when a reporter asked if Berhalter felt that the team would have been “on the edge” having returned home from Honduras defeated, and apologized for their actions. After defeating Mexico in the final in a row this summer, Berhalter led another missing match to USMNT: This was only the third time in the history of the program to win after achieving the first goal in a qualifying match. He lost 26 such games.

“Listen, even if we lost the game, we wouldn’t be eligible,” Berhalter said. “There are still 11 games to play. Again, there are ideas that we just jump to and fro for doing everything. I think some of it was our flaw in setting up, what we wanted to do, being open with [winning all three September qualifiers].

“During the break, the message was: We’re back in the game.”

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A 1-0 loss to half, perhaps not intimidating by what he saw as USMNT fans burning down Twitter, Berhalter changed three people who completely changed form and encouraged the attack. He replaced Brooks with Lletget, meaning the US went back to the top four and added a midfielder. He replaced Josh Sargent in place of Brenden Aaronson, who is now very comfortable as a creator. And in the back Antonee Robinson replaced George Bello, who fought in the first half, the same.

The difference became apparent immediately. After Pepe won the ball near midfield just three minutes into the second half, Robinson used his speed to advance and tie the game in the fight. It took about 20 minutes, but when old DeAndre Yedlin replaced Sands, Yedlin opened up on the right with a chance to put a cross in the box, and Pepi (below) climbed to the top of the defense to make the title headline that gave the US the lead.

“I feel like I’m in the right place, so I got up in the air and steered the ball. I was ready then, “Pepi told reporters.” I was ready for the opportunity. I was waiting for the ball to come to me.

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He will not be a popular choice as USMNT head coach, Berhalter has never lost in 13 consecutive competitive games. He led the team to the CONCACAF Nations League trophy and the Gold Cup. Now he’s with the US, for a while, inside one of three eligible roles of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The United States, Canada and Panama all have five points, but Lletget’s final goal tied the gap between the goals and put Panama ahead of all the goals they scored.

“Obviously, we wanted to reduce the game,” Berhalter told Sporting News. “But if the space is open while you are doing this, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. And that’s what we did. ”

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