‘Green Knight’ Not for Everyone

David Lowery’s new video Green Knight describes an ancient Arthurian myth entitled “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” Fictional Writer Lara Elena Donnelly appreciated the surreal, dream-like video.

“I used to live in a movie world as it happens, without the video telling me, ‘This is what’s happening now, that’s why it’s happening,'” Donnelly said in Section 483 Geek design in Galaxy Podcast. “It was horrible when it happened.”

Fictional Writer Christopher M. Cevasco enjoyed some of the video, but in the end it was difficult for him to connect. “There are these things that will still be with me — the clear visuals that would bother me,” he says. “But in the end that’s what I’ll remember about this movie, and this scene. Everything else is starting to fade from my memory.”

Geek design in Galaxy recipient David Barr Kirtley warns that Green Knight especially for a group of art houses. “This is a video where people would say, ‘Should I go and see this movie?’ I would ask him, ‘How do you feel about pornography?’ He says. “If you enjoy watching fake movies, go watch them. One hundred. And if you hate entertaining movies and can’t watch them, don’t go and see them, you won’t have them. ”

Fictional Writer Erin Lindsey he had different ideas Green Knight, but I appreciate that it had a strong visual vision. “I want to see more of this,” he says. “I’d like to see more fiction that moves the fences, and it doesn’t replicate the same old things over and over again.”

Listen to the full interview with Lara Elena Donnelly, Christopher M. Cevasco, and Erin Lindsey in Section 483 of Geek design in Galaxy (above). And see some of the highlights from the discussion below.

David Barr Kirtley on David Lowery:

“I was expecting the best [The Green Knight], but at first glance I was angry with them. I arrived home, and my friend Steph said, ‘How are you?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, it made me crazy. Do you know what reminded me? Do you remember the movie? The Story of the Spirit that we watched? ‘It’s a very high quality magic video. I was like, ‘It reminded me a lot of this. It was slow. And Steph says, ‘Who directed?’ And I said, ‘This guy is David Lowery. I do not know who he is. ‘That’s why I look at him and he’s a straight man The Story of the Spirit. And it was like, ‘Well, that makes sense.’ ”

Christopher M. Cevasco on misunderstanding:

“I think it’s the right interpretation of all the trials and tribulations [Gawain] they have on the way and that they all show Morgan or Merlin. Otherwise how do they replace the belt even if it is lost? His horse returns even though it has been captured by pirates. That’s because all of this is part of this great thing that they make. But why is he throwing obstacles in his path? Why is he returning things? I do not know. I have no answers. I don’t know that then but any answer. And maybe my interpretation is not the interpretation that the director had, maybe none of our interpretation at all. We just don’t know. And that’s the problem. ”

Erin Lindsey in storytelling:

“I understand why [The Green Knight] I am writing, but I have not been deeply moved in any way. I wish I had never been a writer when I watched these kind of movies – and I wish I had never been a writer and a villain, because a big part of my life plays a role in why something works or doesn’t work. Even though I love something, I just keep dying, because that’s how I was made to have news and media. And this is a little embarrassing, and I wonder if 20 years ago I would have encountered this movie differently. But as it stands right now, yes, I enjoyed it, but I have no choice but to see what I feel is worth fixing. ”

Lara Elena Donnelly on magic:

Holly Black he was one of mine Clarion teachers, and when he talks to us about magic in the mind, he said there are two types – there is day thinking and night vision. The ideas of the day are the kind you can express with rules, like Harry Potter: When you say these words, and move your partner this way, you have the following results. And nightmares and things that just sound so good, and you can’t really insist on it. It is difficult to write, because you have to change your mind correctly, without clear rules. And so for me most of this video sounded very good at night. You can’t force the pressure on this. It’s something that works because it sounds so good. ”

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