Google One expands the 5TB storage system

Google One hasn’t had a great choice if you’re using a weightlifter – you need to ‘stabilize’ for 2TB at $ 10 per month or jump to 10TB at irrigation $ 50 per month. Fortunately, there is now a middle ground. 9to5Google notice Google has been quiet he added 5TB plan for $ 25 per month, or $ 250 per year. That’s half you can pay for a 10TB portion, and a good benefit if you don’t need more than what 2TB can give you.

You still receive 2TB requirements, plus Android VPN, 10% off on-store rental on Google Store purchases and the opportunity to learn about Google. Not surprisingly, you are encouraged to expand your family.

The timing is right. Google completed Images’ unlimited storage in early June, I make a headline for anyone who relies heavily on the project (or full-time). This can save you a lot of money if you know you will be strong in the air. There is also a great deal to come here. While 2TB is fine for your needs now, you can give yourself a head start without having to pay five times.

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