Exciting updates: Recent changes involving Tony Jones Jr., Le’Veon Bell, Latavius ​​Murray in RB roles

Week 1 kicks off Thursday in Tampa Bay, and we continue to sell on game day. No major operations or purchases have taken place recently, but even a move under the radar affects the normal handling of the ball. In such a fragile environment, it is important to know what is going on behind the back 32 from RBs around the league. Tony Jones Jr./Latavius ​​Murray’s battle is over, and Le’Veon Bell has found a new home – perhaps to the dismay of Ty’Son Williams. Once again, this is not the only thing that can ruin a fun ball, but on the last day of fiction, they can shake some wood. Going forward, we will study the results of events as the regular season progresses.

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Latavius ​​Murray cut, Tony Jones Jr. he comes out as a sleeper

Murray was cut by the Saints Tuesday, and Jones Jr. is now taking part in the construction of the network of Alvin Kamara – one of the culprits in the competition. Obviously, Kamara remains the wrong star, but we have seen some importance of Murray in the past.

People think of Kamara as a heavy RB, but they leave a lot on the bone to help her. Last year during the Kamara RB1 season at PPR, Murray received 169 yards for a total of 832 yards and four touchdowns. Obviously, the Saints had enough faith in Jones to let Murray go.

As for Murray, you shouldn’t knock him down based on the size of your league. It’s a talented player who will be signed elsewhere, perhaps as a major framework. It could be this week or later on the road where the original RB is injured, but it’s important to have a stash if you have space on your page.

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider

Le’Veon Bell transformation

Bell will return to AFC North, as he has teamed up with the Ravens. He probably won’t be active in Week 1, which is why he doesn’t touch those ranks. However, what if I told you that they no longer affect the layout? We are right – Bell is just not very good. He feels strangely mixed up as he hurries up the Ravens.

It’s hard to see him become a leader, and it still looks like he could replace Ty’Son Williams as No. 2 RB. They’re on the RB2 team, well, after Week 1, and the error that doesn’t have RBs in their game (when Bell did well), we don’t see where the price would come from. Had he gone somewhere he was forced to, he would have complained.

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider

They may assure us that we are wrong and they are very important, but playing the game tells us that it is very unlikely (especially being a member).

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