Evil DC Judge Emmett Sullivan lifts Trump-era law banning illegal couples from crossing U.S. borders

DC Fraudulent Judge Emmett Sullivan banned Trump’s temporary expulsion to ban illegal immigrant families who had crossed the border into the United States.

Democrats and DC crooked judge Emmett Sullivan believe in open borders.

Last month 200,000 unauthorized visitors from all over the world were captured on the open borders of the southern US.

The Fraudulent Judge Emmet Sullivan is a lawless madman who ignores this law to allow innocent men. Sullivan refused to drop the case against General Michael Flynn despite the DOJ’s appeal. Sullivan is likely to be serving part-time instead of a judge working in DC.

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General Flynn had been influenced by the corrupt DOJ / FBI and Obama’s lies for several years.

The Obama FBI appointed General Flynn and the fraudulent Judge Sullivan refused to dismiss the case after the DOJ lost the case just to harass Flynn and pay him money.

President Trump eventually intervened and pardoned Flynn, but Judge Sullivan continued to harass Flynn.

Judge Sullivan then announced the case to Flynn “moot” only after he was pardoned by Trump. That person is a fool.

Now, Judge Sullivan has overturned Trump’s term ban on immigrant families from entering the US.
Judge Sullivan is in Washington DC.

Story reports:

A U.S. regional judge on Thursday banned the deportation of families who have migrated to the US-Mexico region, removing them from the rules that former President Donald Trump committed at the start of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Judge Emmett Sullivan said the law would take effect 14 days.

U.S. President Joe Biden has faced increasing pressure from immigrant advocates, health professionals and fellow Democrats to repeal Chapter 42, which has eliminated access to hundreds of immigrants.

Chapter 42, which has been in effect since March 2020, will still apply to unmarried adults, who represent immigrants in other countries who are detained and want to enter the United States.

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