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What you can know about Nathen, the son of player Willie Garson, who paid a heartfelt tribute to his father after his death on September 21st.

Player Willie Garson died Sept. 21, sending grief to Hollywood. He was 57. Beloved for his role as Stanford Blatch, BFF’s Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Author Carrie Bradshaw HBO series Sex with the City, Last player’s death was confirmed by relatives and friends on Tuesday. The cause of his death was not disclosed. Following the tragic story, Willie’s son Nathen Garson, 20, posted a touching tribute on Instagram, sharing photos and several videos of the latest star.

“I love you so much dad,” Nathen wrote. “Rest in Peace and I am glad that you shared all your experiences and have achieved so much. I am proud of you. I will always love you, but I think it’s time to go out and have fun on your own. You will always be with me. I love you more than you can know and I am glad that you can live in peace now. He was the toughest and most humorous and smartest person I have ever known. “He added,” I’m glad you shared it [your] love me also. I will never forget or forget it. ”

Below are all the details about the son of a late player.

Nathen was raised by Willie at the age of 7

Willie adopted Nathen from foster care at the age of 7 in 2009. In an interview with Page 6 Apparently he said, the artist said “She always wanted a baby,” so she adopted the plan as a single parent. “I dated for a long time for 20 years, and they didn’t want to have a baby, which is fine,” Willie told the seller. “And it was like my middle ground. Like, I really want a baby more than anything. And I have one and we are partners, my baby and me.”

The actor was also a member of You Gotta Believe, a New York-based organization that helps to find permanent housing for teens, teens, and pre-age child care providers. “They treat children to old age and beyond because everyone needs a family,” Willie said.

Nathen is a college student in Ohio

In conversation with Page 6, Willie also revealed that his son here is a college student in Ohio. “He’s great and he’ll soon take care of me and that’s why I made him so honest,” Willie told the salesman. “She is lovely and very special. She is amazing and is in college in Ohio. Considering his Instagram profile (“Wooster ’23”), Nathen is likely to attend The College of Wooster, a college for public education, and graduate in 2023.

Nathen appeared in a few movies on TV

Nathen appeared in several television shows, where he was accompanied by his famous father in several of his shows. He made cameos Office, a police drama in which Willie played as an artist Mozzie, and All Day On Earth, comedy websites about actors that Willie played as Willie.

Nathen has been on several trips with her father

As a tribute, Nathen travels with her deceased father. From California Gulch State Park to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park that Millard Canyon, it is clear that the father-child duo is very fond of the outdoors. Their journeys have arrived Hells Revenge Trailhead in Utah and the village of Garzón in Uruguay. Along with a photo of Willie in the middle of a beautiful flower garden at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park back in March 2019, Nathen lovingly wrote, “Hunting for Willie’s Wildlife … I’m In Need.”

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