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Erika Jayne did not enjoy the Sept. section. 15 of ‘RHOBH’. Especially when she saw her friend laughing at the difficult story she had told them about her husband and her separated child.

Erika Jayne he was disappointed to see it Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and their husbands mock her “unfaithful” story about her divorced husband, Tom Girardi, in the section Sep. 15 la Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I really enjoyed watching this,” Erika said he wrote with a sad emoji face after the fan shared photos of the group laughing at his story. “Erika’s group, but only in her face!” fan said.

This week’s article showed Kyle and Dorit sharing details of what Erika said about Tom to their husbands, Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley.

Earlier, Erika told Kyle that Tom Pasadena’s home had been stolen, and Tom met the thief before sending him to the hospital for an eye operation. He also said that his son from the first affair went to Pasadena’s house to search for Tom, but on his way home, he passed another snow and swerved his car “five times”. Erika said Tom and his son, Tommy, became “good”.

When Mauricio and PK were told the same story, he had questions. “I mean he has been in the ruling family for 20 years and they still control him,” PK said. “I think Tom lied to Erika and Erika did the same.”

PK also expressed suspicion of another case in which Erika had previously mentioned, in which Tom said he fainted 12 hours after a 2017 car accident. I faint.

“No traffic, no 12 hours of fainting,” PK said. Mauricio also said he believed there were “lies everywhere”. And they all found it strange that Erika allowed Tom to perform knee surgery, but not in his brain, as doctors say.

“If a doctor comes to you and says, ‘Your husband is injured, unconscious, unconscious, we need to have surgery… who refuses?’ Mauricio is shocked. Dorit called Erika’s story “money donors”, but because they are friends, she decides to trust him.

However, this did not stop him from laughing when PK started laughing at Erika’s stories. “He’s not an af ** king player, he’s a lawyer! He’s a 79-year-old lawyer! And the woman goes, ‘No brain, sorry!'”

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