Epic hopes to release ‘Fortnite’ on iOS in South Korea

Epic has asked Apple to reclaim its privilege promotional materials so it can make Four men available on iOS again – in South Korea, at least. The developer has it revealed asking Apple to restore its App Store account to the subscriber Four men Twitter, which also said it wants to offer “Epic payments and Apple side-by-side payments in line with Korea’s new law.”

apple watha Epic’s App Store account that came back in August 2020 just before the developer would remove it Ma Fortnite V-money is to buy extra cash if players go through the App Store. The technician hurriedly removed the martial arts from his shop after the changes were made, and Epic responded in court Apple on his mind. Epic also tried in court to prevent Apple from pulling out its manufacturer’s equipment but to no avail, and Four men there has been no download on iOS since.

By the end of August this year, South Korea had issued a warrant for large retail outlets to allow alternative payment methods. As Products note, the rule still does not apply, but even if it did, the Korean authorities will not be able to force Apple to reinstate or approve production accounts in accordance with the law. The leading expert told the publication of the article:

“As mentioned earlier, we would welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if they agree to follow the same rules as everyone else. Epic has admitted that it has breached the agreement and so far, there is no valid reason for a refund of their production account.”

Apple soon has changed Its App Store features allow other software developers to add external links to their paid content. The move only applies to digital magazine programs, newspapers, books, audio, music and movies, such as Spotify and Netflix.

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