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All in the family! Drew Barrymore confirmed that there was no bad blood between him and his ex, when they also agreed to take their daughters to see ‘Hamilton’.

Drew Barrymore, 46, all were smiling while out with the family. On September 15, the artist reunited with her ex-husband Kodi Kopelman, 43, to see Broadway excitement, Hamilton, and their two daughters Azitona, 8, and Frankie, 7. He also took a new wife, Celebrities Facilitator Alexandra Michler, and the mixed family seems happier than ever in the newly released photos, what you can see here!

Drew Barrymore’s show stay tuned revealed that he lost 20 pounds and she looks as beautiful as ever wearing a long navy robe and a white-white blouse paired with black heels as she leads their daughter Frankie, seven, on hand. Frankie seemed to be more like his mother, in choosing the same army.

Drew Barrymore recently reunited with her ex-husband to take their daughters to see ‘Hamilton’. (Stretching / Shutterstock)

Alexandra shared a handshake while holding Olive’s hand as she walked. Wearing a long-sleeved orange dress with a cap, a ruffled top, and a long skirt, it looks like a fashion designer has made good use of her looks. The mixed family looks as happy as it can be outside of town with the kids.

Drew and Will were married in 2012 and separated in April 2016. While admitting that their divorce was ‘extremely difficult,’ the actress was ‘overjoyed’ when Will and Alexandra announced their engagement and called the fashion designer “amazing.” “I’m glad to say he’s been in a relationship with this wonderful woman named Allie, who is probably the president of his club,” he said. faith Howard Stern’s show in February. “#NoEvilStepmother is the biggest blessing I’ve ever been waiting for. It’s amazing. I want her to be happy.”

Will is not the only one who wants to be happy. His daughters, mean the world to the star and even known to be a mystery to his children, at the appearance of October 2020 on This Sunday by Willie Geist, pa Night Fun, Drew opened up to discuss his plans for a mixed family.[the] The good news is that her family and I made the most important decision to stay united and cohesive. I think they call it family. ”

Drew Barrymore Will Kpelman
Drew and Will were married in 2012 but divorced in 2016. The couple have two daughters and remained close after their divorce. (Stretching / Shutterstock)

“I know since I didn’t grow up with any family that it wasn’t the last thing I wanted to do for my kids. I think that’s why I took it seriously,” she admits. which will not work. How sad is this? ”

All of the “Charlie’s Angels” stars are thrilled that her daughters are “fine with things,” and how she handled the divorce. “It’s amazing that mine ana and I’m happy because there’s been a lot of times I ask if we can be happy, and we are. That is why it irritates me. My girls are happy. I am happy. “

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