‘Deathloop’ is a fun, new, time-changing adventure

Along the way, Colt picks up a variety of weapons and high-tech equipment that gives him unique skills and essentials. There are Trinkets, which are small shiny objects that support every shotgun, and Slabs, which gives the Colt – and its enemies – superhuman powers such as anonymity, telekinesis and short teleportation. Once assembled, the Slabs can be exchanged for Colt’s losses, and they are fun.

Blackreef is overseen by the Eight Vision of the AEON Program, one of which is Julianna, and the only way to survive on the island is for Colt to kill them all in one day, and break them. However, it’s not as easy as running through Blackreef to get them all out. Colt has a strong connection to the AEON Program and all Visionaries keep their schedules, meaning that the appropriate execution will require a lot of time to gather information and plan a process. And, it turns out, I’m dying.

When they start to go, Colt can die twice in any game with little side effects; only sent to the previous location and allowed to continue, his health is restored. On the third death, however, he is returned to the shore full of the bottle, the treasure is gone.

He also loses his weapons after working all day, regardless of the progress. Death it is divided into four parts – morning, noon, day and night – and after all, Colt stays on the surface. Some services can be completed at some point during the day, so players must prepare for their risks, either moving forward or just delaying until the next level.


Eventually, Colt has the opportunity to carry slabs, trinket and weapons with him between loops, though he has to supply the items he wants to keep with a Residiuum tool. Colt can harvest Residiuum from shiny, bright objects in Blackreef, or by killing spectators and wasting their energy. Residiuum can be used on other components in Colt’s equipment, and it works well.

With all these tools, slabs, tools, Residiuum, viewers and loops, there is a lot to keep Behavior. The amount of things in this game it is sometimes successful, and it is difficult with a great plot full of interconnected, time-changing mysteries. Tiny small notes and short sketches often contain the necessary information, giving players the opportunity to carefully search each of the shelves, desks and ends with the notes and notes. This game has a great job of fixing all these things on the screen, but overall, Death requires adequate and complete care, lest you lose the plot.

For those who pay attention, Blackreef’s stories and creation are well-publicized, with important hidden secrets clearly visible, as well as new parts of the world open and closed to daylight. From this perspective, the amount of material collected, used and studied Death it makes sense. The game is built on the idea of ​​repeating the same four maps over and over again – Colt needs something new every time.



Julianna is always beautiful Death, often spoke ill of and coveted Blackreef’s background. He is the star of the second track of the game, Protect the Loop. Here, players can attack a game of friends or guests, playing as Julianna and hunting for Colt while trying to complete a mission. He has his own assets, trinket and slabs, as well as self-disclosure skills that enable him to trade with affiliate NPCs – that is, anyone but Colt.

Protect The Cable is characterized by a long period of silence and inactivity, followed by deadly gunfire and death. Colt can take any route he wants through various maps, and Julianna has to hunt him down or wait for him to see near the target. He can hide alone, but he has only one life, while Colt has to die three times to finish. This brings a delicious game of cats and mice that is different from each new player.

That said, Protect the Loop and I have experienced some very difficult situations. I played on the PS5, and one round collapsed as soon as I started, while the other two were unplayable from my finish, returning my Julianna a few frames until Colt showed up and shot her. This compares to four glitch-free modes. My advice here is to use an ethernet cable, instead of Wi-Fi, and make sure your friends do too.

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