Cam Jordan, Saints announces Ida-sponsored donations and demonstrates support for the New Orleans team

Although the Saints will not be able to play in New Orleans due to Hurricane Ida in the region, it has not stopped the club and other players from donating their time and money to help the community.

Saint Saints Gayle Benson originally donated $ 1 million to a charity fund, which enabled Falcon, Ravens and Panther organizations to each donate $ 1 million. The National Soccer League Organization also donated $ 1 million.

Aside from the owners who donate money, at the end of the protection of Saints Cam Jordan announced Thursday on his Instagram account to donate $ 40,000 to Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans to raise awareness of famine since the storm.

But that is not all. Jordan has started making Cameo videos for donations. Some of his videos are $ 4 representing that one in four children in Louisiana suffers from hunger. There will also be 23 costly videos representing 23 parishes sent by Second Harvest.

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Jordan pays $ 320 for his Cameo videos, which is why Cameo has decided to make a difference. Jordan is planning to continue raising money on non-profits.

Saints defender Jameis Winston and returnee Alvin Kamara did not make a public donation, but asked New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell to tell them how to help the community. Winston also spoke of Ida’s relief after the performance in Jacksonville, Fla., This week.

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“I would like to say thank you to all the first responders, the people on the ground, and all the people in the rural organizations working in New Orleans to help our city become more courageous,” Winston said. “New Orleans, I know we have been through it before, but our culture is strong, and we will overcome these challenges to be strong. We are with you. Everyone in Louisiana, we are with you. We represent you.”

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The Saints will open their season Sunday in Jacksonville against the Packers. From now on, the Saints are expected to return to Caesars Superdome by Week 4.

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