Biden Slams Hand on Podium with Bolts as Reporter Asks Vax Mandate and Constitutional (KANEMA)

Joe Biden announced his plan to fight the defenseless Americans Thursday at a press conference on his “6-pronged” anti-Covid-19 strategy.

Biden threatened GOP governors, telling Americans they have no right to choose and inform small businesses.

Federal workers will be forced to take a Covid jov led by Biden.

In addition, businesses with 100+ employees will be forced to test employees or prove they have a vaccine.

ABOUT: Biden Regime Downgrades Iron Iron Individual: Will Need Vaccination Or Weekly Testing – Employees Who Don’t Follow Will Meet “Big Money”

The whole shell is gone.

Joe Biden is a bully.

At the end of Biden’s words he leaned over and whispered, “vaccine.”

Biden then slapped his hand on the platform and walked away when a reporter asked him, “Is this going on, President?”


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