Athletes and passengers have become Japan’s next Prime Minister

The race to replace Yoshihide Suga as Japan’s Prime Minister kicks off on Friday with a four-way battle between a US-trained lawmaker, a political skeptic, and a two-year-old female politician who wants to be the first woman to do a major job.

With the Covid-19 crisis leaving the ruling Liberal Democratic Party under intense threat since it lost power to the opposition in 2009, kind of leadership and unreliable competition over the past 15 years. It will also be the first with two female athletes in a country where less than 10% of counselors are women.

Some of the major LDP groups – criminal groups that have been leading in leadership contests – have failed to mobilize their members to support one individual.

While the public is outraged by the government’s response to the epidemic, young politicians want to abandon tradition and vote on their own. He is keen to find a candidate for the presidency who can make the party a success in the by-elections to be held by the end of November.

Sucking announced his resignation this month after just one year in office. His successors face the daunting task of rebuilding the economy and tackling a number of challenges from the epidemic to China’s strong and warming climate.

The winner of September 29 is determined to become Prime Minister, because the ruling coalition is leading the majority in parliament.

Taro Kono

Minister for Law Enforcement and Vaccination Policy

Education: Georgetown University Foreign School

Older titles: Foreign Minister and Security

Work outside of politics: He joined Fuji Xerox after graduating from university and helped establish his career in Singapore

Order and personality: The son of Yohei Kono, a former secretary of state who issued a special apology in 1993 during the war “comforted women”. Fearless to speak out, he criticized the government’s actions and pressured people to move

Taro Kono, head of the Japanese immunization program, is a former minister and defense minister © REUTERS

If the LDP head is elected by a popular vote, the 58-year-old minister could be a favorite. Young politicians led by Shinjiro Koizumi, a well-known minister and minister of the environment, has turned to Kono to revive the devastated Japanese politics, which were dominated by the wealthy politicians of the 80’s.

Known for his shortcomings, irrationality and quick temper, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Security has said he is keen to pursue digital growth and reforms in Japan to generate zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Kono, an English-speaking and cinematographer, received the blessing of Taro Aso, the finance minister leading a group of 53 Kono entries, to enter the competition. But it is unclear how many votes they will win from their peers.

Although known as the maverick, Kono comes from a politically united family. Her grandmother was a deputy prime minister and her father was the secretary general of the prime minister who issued a special apology in 1993 during the “war on women” war, South Korean women being forced into sex slavery during the Japanese occupation.

Fumio Kishida

Kochikai’s 47-member LDP faction leader

Education: Waseda University

Older titles: Foreign Minister and Security

Work outside of politics: Formerly the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, now owned by Shinsei Bank

Order and personality: As Shinzo Abe’s foreign minister, he tried to strengthen ties with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov over Japan and vodka. Negotiation talks to end the issue of “comforters mothers”, but the 2015 agreement with South Korea later ended

Fumio Kishida, former Japanese ambassador to Japan
Former Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has pledged to reduce the country’s economic decline © Bloomberg

With a strong reputation as a former foreign minister and security minister, many LDP MPs consider Kishida to be the most reliable and credible candidate to win Suga despite being the lowest of all the people. Ever since he became the first to announce his candidacy, the 64-year-old player has outlined his views on Covid-19, negotiations and finances.

His most striking remarks were a pledge to break with the anti-corruption and anti-reform measures that former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Shinzo Abe had done since the early 2000s. Based on negotiations in the US and UK, Kishida has promised to reduce the financial burden that has grown as a result of the epidemic.

While making commitments on coronaviruses and financial defenses against deflation, Kishida and his 47-member team also encouraged funding. He brings trouble to Kono, especially since a large LDP group, affiliated with Abe, has urged its members to vote for Kishida or Sanae Takaichi, a third.

Sanae Takaichi

Advisor on the LDP business section

Education: Kobe University

Older titles: Interior Minister and Communications

Work outside of politics: Publisher on TV

Order and personality: He is known to have admired Margaret Thatcher, but the early days of her political career were controversial for approving a 1994 book praising Adolf Hitler’s electoral system.

Sanae Takaichi, a former Japanese communications minister
Sanae Takaichi said she would prioritize the 2% price tag when she becomes Prime Minister © AFP via Getty Pictures

The success of one of Tokyo’s most famous female politicians could be challenged in and out of Japan because of Takaichi talking ideas on national security, legislative changes and its repeated visits to the Yasukuni shrine, which honors Japanese war veterans as well as others who have been found guilty of war crimes.

Many critics have called on Japan’s need to increase spending and security ties in China. But Takaichi, a former medical minister, has been very aggressive in his efforts to bolster Japan’s military might.

He promised to continue the Abenomics program to earn money and raise money by spending more money on problem solving.

He also said that Japan’s goal is to return to the basics by 2025 to prioritize the rising two-year rise.

But the success of Takaichi is not apparent. Although they are strongly supported by Abe, they are not in any group. Many LDP MPs are also concerned that his gender stereotypes could jeopardize the party’s chances in the election.

Seiko Noda

LDP General Secretary

Education: Sophia School

Older titles: Minister of the Interior is a connection, equality between men and women

Work outside of politics: He joined the Imperial Hotel after graduating from university

Order and personality: To promote women’s empowerment, she gave birth at the age of 50 a baby boy who was born through fertilization using eggs from American donors.

Seiko Noda
Seiko Noda is the finalist in a leadership competition that many consider to be a foreigner. © Bloomberg

The former Minister for Gender Equality held the final competition for a long time after working until the last hour to earn enough money to enter the competition.

Although she did not give her financial and foreign views, the 61-year-old has promised to establish a world that is very different and that welcomes the weak. In the late 1990s he became the youngest post-war minister when he was appointed head of operations and telecommunications at the age of 37.

Although she aspired to be the first female leader, she had a history and was briefly removed from the LDP after opposing a postal change by former Prime Minister Koizumi in 2005.

His chances of winning the race are slim because his politics are weak and he is not a party member. But its entry should lead to instability in the competition and the distribution of difficult votes.

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