Apple’s Air Force is a $ 100 discount so far, plus all the good things that have happened this week

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Workers’ Week is over, but some of the sales that came with it were still going strong. Several Apple sales have been unveiled before the company’s arrival next week, including the iPad Air and MacBook Air M1. Amazon has a lot of sales on Fire tablets, knocking down Fire HD 10 to $ 100 and Fire HD 8 to $ 60. . Here are the best deals this week’s.

iPad Air

Dana Wollman / Engadget

Apple for iPad Air with a $ 100 discount right now, bringing in $ 500. All five models are on sale on Amazon. due to the used coupons, even with different shipping times. We gave the Air a 90 minutes thanks to high speed WiFi, healthy battery life and support for Apple’s second Pencil.

Buy iPad Air on Amazon – $ 500

Apple Look SE

Review of Apple Watch SE

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

The program of Apple Look SE is on sale for $ 240 right now on Amazon due to the few coupons they use for themselves on other brands. We gave Watch SE a 88 minutes thanks to its fine-grained, well-known design, functionality and design on the price.

Buy Apple Watch SE on Amazon – $ 240

MacBook Air M1

Apple’s MacBook Air M1 is back for a full-time low of $ 850 thanks to a self-used coupon. It finds number 94 from us because of its functionality, beauty, its sleek design and its excellent keyboard and trackpad.

Buy MacBook Air M1 at Amazon – $ 850

Mac Mini M1

Apple is Mac Mini M1 returns to its regular value of $ 600 for sales and coupons used. You are receiving all the enhancements offered by the M1 chipset in the desktop package. This is a good machine to find if you have an old desktop that needs to be changed, but you do not want to spend money.

Buy the Mac Mini M1 at Amazon – $ 600

Eufy SpaceView monitoring for children

Eufy Spaceview

Do Lipman Photography

An overview of Eufy’s SpaceView and one camera is up to $ 125 thanks to a discount coupon and code magwire20 which you can use in checkout. The camera is capable of setting 330 degrees and tilting 110 degrees to better visualize your child’s room, and you can increase the viewing angle to 110 degrees thanks to the extra lens. It also uses FHSS connection instead of WiFi, which gives you the opportunity to monitor your children’s activities in real time in a very secure way.

Buy SpaceView baby watches on Amazon – $ 125

Eero 6 WiFi systems

Amazon Eero 6 WiFi 3 router package


Selling Labor Day on Amazon continues Acts of Eero 6 it’s still going on so you can carry a pack with one router and two extras for $ 195, or $ 84 at its normal price. The package of three routers and up to $ 244. These devices support over 900Mbps and include the Zigbee smart home hub, so you can connect things like smart phones directly.

Buy Eero 6 on Amazon – $ 195

Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

Several Fire Pills are still on sale after Labor Day. Above him Moto HD 10 Discount $ 50, down to $ 100, where you can download Moto HD 8 $ 60 or Moto 7 Only $ 40. These devices make start-up tablets for babies as well as good tools for smelling emails, internet, online shopping and much more.

Buy Fire HD 10 on Amazon – $ 100
Buy Fire HD 8 on Amazon – $ 60

Echo Show 5

Both the first and second generation Echo Show 5s are on sale here – a first has reached $ 45 right modified color it’s only $ 10. These are known as smart watches because of their size, the shape of the rising sun alarm and the function of moving them. The main difference between the two is the well, 2MP camera on the second type, which can make video streaming better.

Buy Echo Show 5 (1st gen) on Amazon – $ 45
Buy Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) on Amazon – $ 55

Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 phones Discounted at $ 379 at B&H Photo. We hope the launch of the Pixel 6 will get there, which is why you might want to wait if you want the latest phone call from Google. However, the Pixel 4 remains strong – we loved it its fast work, beautiful display and camera skills.

Buy Pixel 4 at B&H Photo – $ 379

Samsung T7 Touch SSD (1TB)

Samsung T7 touch carrying an SSD in 1TB down to $ 170, or $ 10 at its normal price. It’s dropped to $ 160 in the past, but this is the best price we’ve seen in a few months. In addition to reading speeds of up to 1,050 MB / s and recording speeds of up to 1,000 MB / s, this small SSD has a non-slip body and its fixed fingerprint readers for extra protection.

Buy Samsung T7 Touch on Amazon – $ 170

Google Nest WiFi (pack 2)

Google’s Nest WiFi package with one router and one access point down to $ 199 right now at Best Buy. That’s $ 70 at its normal price and it uses one of our favorite networks. We gave up number 84 with its minimal design, easy installation and intelligent speaker.

Buy Nest WiFi (pack 2) at Best Buy – $ 199

Samsung Premiere project

Samsung’s Premiere project and $ 1,000 cheaper in Amazon as well Samsung’s own website. The 4.2.2 audio version has dropped to $ 5,498, which is still expensive, but better than its $ 6,500 price tag. We also included this in very good directors thanks to its red, green and blue lasers that cover the entire range of Rec.2020, more than 2,800 bright links and 4K resolution.

Buy First (4.2Ch noise) on Amazon – $ 5,498
Buy First (4.2Ch noise) from Samsung – $ 5,499

PC computer games

Through September 18, Omaze offers another $ 20,000 to make your own gaming PC. Sweepstakes are free to enter, but donations and subscriptions will support Schools on Wheels, an organization that provides free tuition for homeless children in Southern California.

Enter to succeed at Omaze

Comic-Con 2022 Filters

Through December 8, you can log in to winning four days to San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Along with the passes, you can have the opportunity to see a special night, a residence in Hall H, a shopping center, a special visit to the Comic-Con Museum, a dinner at Balboa Park and tickets to the “Night at the Comic-Con Museum” event. It’s free to enter, but the proceeds from the sweepstakes will go to the San Diego Comic Convention.

Enter to succeed at Omaze

New activities

Selling Labor Day in Dyson

Few Dyson wireless storage they are still selling even after Labor Day holiday. Obviously it is Dyson Exit $ 700, or $ 100 at its normal price, is Dyson V8 Meat for $ 350, which is a $ 50 discount. Although both species are now several years old, they still remain wireless heirs that are well-maintained with these commercial prices.

Save Dyson’s business

Weber photos

Weber knocked on his door high quality SmokeFire software – both EX6 and EX4 have a $ 200 discount, downloading them up to $ 999 and $ 799, respectively. These WiFi-connected grills and some of our favorites because it’s easy to even fire novice users to use and their mobile app offers you a number of features such as short-term remote switching and SmokeBoost activation.

Buy Weber grills starting at $ 799

Samsung Way Buds 2

New Galaxy Buds 2 they are selling for $ 125 at Woot, which is $ 25 for their normal price. These pages found a number 84 from us because of their clear voice, its small and simple design and wireless capability. Note: Woot return plan unlike Amazon’s, though it does have a major retail company, so check before you buy.

Buy Galaxy Buds 2 at Woot – $ 125

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 (1 day)

Woot also has a one-day sale on Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, knocking up to $ 270. This is great considering that this Chromebook usually costs between $ 375 and $ 500. You’re making light 2-in-1 graphics here with an Intel Celeron 3965Y processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a display 12.2-inch FHD with a built-in stylus. Note: Woot return plan unlike Amazon’s, though it does have a major retail company, so check before you buy.

Buy Chromebook Plus V2 at Woot – $ 270

Garmin’s smart watches

Wellbots are on sale at Garmin’s smartwatches – you can get a $ 100 discount Fenix ​​6 series using code Products 100 checkout, $ 75 off Garmin Venu and code APPLICATIONS 75 exit with $ 50 off Garmin Lily and code Products50. These are just some of the latest Garmin outfits that cater to a wide range of people – Fenix ​​6 will be the best out there, while Venu and Lily are great options for those looking for an alternative to the Apple Watch or Wear Device OS.

Buy smart watches at Wellbots


One of our recommended VPNs sells well on two-year subscriptions. You can sign up NordVPN for $ 99 for the first two years, reaching $ 49.50 per year, and earning three additional months for free. We love NordVPN because of its speed, its unlimited logs, thousands of servers to choose from and one account to support up to six connected devices.

Buy NordVPN (2 years) – $ 99

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