Apple Watch is now compatible with AI tempo fitness games

Weather has released Apple Penyani The combination of in-house AI exercises, gives users an easy way to monitor their heart rate during exercise without the need for an HR scanner. By using these costumes, users are able to see more on the label, including the amount of calories burned in the studio classrooms, the amount of weight they lifted and their position on the boardboard.

The company claims that 70% of its users own an iPhone, and 35% of the group owns an Apple Watch. In my opinion, releasing Apple’s integration into its products would not help. In addition to being able to view statistics and data, changing their clocks also allows users to pause and restart classes, as well as manage their performance, without having to go to a computer screen at home.

Tempo set up its gym in the Studio, which includes a connecting program, 3D camera, weight and other equipment, in early 2020. The epidemic brought the need for hard work at home because gyms around the world were closed, and Tempo was one of the companies that met the most demand. In April, the company he grew up $ 220 million funding to enable them to comply with additional regulations and empower research and development.

Those who already have a Tempo Studio and want to integrate with the Apple Watch should make sure that both devices, along with their iPhone, are connected to the same WiFi network. All three should be close, as well. After logging in to Tempo Studio and downloading the Watch app, they simply need to follow the instructions on their iPhone.

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