Apple says the motorcycle shake could damage the iPhone’s cameras

Don’t buy this iPhone Upgrade your motorcycle. Fresh Apple Support first seen by MacRumors. As mentioned earlier, damage can be permanent. A simple Google search will appear post pa kale several years with users whose cameras were she is destroyed having set up their iPhone on their bike, especially to be able to use it on the go.

While Apple did not say why it is issuing a warning now, it did explain why installing an iPhone motorcycle could damage its camera. The company said the solid state-of-the-art camera (OIS) and closed-loop autofocus (AF) system could be damaged by a short-lived temporary exposure. The OIS camera enables the device’s gyroscope to detect movement. Next, the gyroscope adjusts its position and the lens moves smoothly to prevent distortion when you accidentally move a photograph.

In the meantime with the AF closed, the sensors inside the machine are trying to shake in order to regain control, so that the lens is in the right position. As MacRumor notes, all colors starting from the iPhone 7 come with all these features.

As a result, Apple says it is not recommended to combine iPhones with electric bikes for electric or electronic devices. For mopeds and scooters, you may want to purchase a noise reduction kit to reduce damage – or just use another GPS device to make sure you don’t damage a device that costs hundreds to a thousand dollars.

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