Android 12 may appear on October 4

Android 12 it has taken longer to cook than most in the past, but the end may be near. XDA editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman claims Google plans to release Android 12 (Android Open Source Project) version of Android 12 on October 4. As the company normally releases public releases simultaneously with AOSP, it shows What are the objections? can be modified from the same date.

If time begins, this also establishes the hope of Pixel 6 initiation. Google will not ship its new phones without Android 12, so it is unlikely it will launch Pixel 6 the day before. We would not be surprised if the hardware was only available sometime in October.

Be prepared to wait if you are not using Pixel. While some smartphone makers tend to be quick and release major Android updates within weeks, many others take months. Samsung has not yet launched Android 11 until December 2020, Three months after Google released the OS. What Google has done to minimize change delays and experiments like Work to Go, it takes time for companies to upgrade Android to make it more connected and test the app with customers and carriers.

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