Amazon complains that Elon Musk companies are not playing by the rules

Amazon’s response to the storage of SpaceX’s FCC, of ​​course prosecution an e-commerce giant trying to slow down ideas about its Starlink internet service, is the same shooting. Mu The FCC writes on its own, Amazon told the supervisor that SpaceX chief executive, Elon Musk, tends to ignore laws and regulations. The company also said that SpaceX often criticizes any company “that would consider its disregard for the rules and regulations” as “non-competitive.”

One of his posts on Amazon says:

“Attempting to hold a Musk-led company to make flight regulations?” Try to keep the Musk-led company to health and safety regulations? You are “unselected & ignorant.” Trying to have a company led by Musk to US security laws? You will be called many names, some useless to repeat …

Whether it’s launching satellites with tiny horns, launching rockets without permission, building an illegal tower, or opening a factory in violation of the settlement, the systems of SpaceX and other companies leading Musk make their point clear: these rules are for others , and those who insist on or simply request compliance are to be mocked and beaten by hominem. “

As Ars Technica notes, Amazon urged the FCC a few weeks ago to reject comments from SpaceX about the future of its Starlink website. Earlier, Amazon also claimed that SpaceX was asking for “two ways to integrate” and “very different phases,” which is against the rules. SpaceX responded that it had only created two sets that could be configured if it would not work. The company led by Elon Musk told the FCC that the move “is just a move [Amazon’s] continuing to strive to reduce competition. “

If you remember, the Blue Origin owned by Jeff Bezos he complained against NASA and the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of the lander granted to SpaceX. Blue Origin expected the airline to offer two deals instead of just one and said the decision was unfair, as it had not been given a chance to reconsider its budget compared to a smaller budget than expected. The lawsuit was forced to suspend $ 2.9 billion.

When Amazon asked the FCC to reject StarX’s idea of ​​SpaceX, the latter said Amazon, “since it is left to its competitors … is willing to use legal and legal means to create barriers that keep competitors from leaving. [it] even right back. “

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