Akshay Kumar returns to work tomorrow

Actress Akshay Kumar suffered a concussion a few days after her mother Aruna Bhatia died the day before she was to be born. The actress took to Twitter to announce the pain of her mother’s death. “She was the center of my life. And today I feel the unbearable pain at the very center of my life. My words of Smt Aruna Bhatia have left peacefully on this earth and reunited with my father in another world. I honor your prayers as I and my family go through. Om Shanti,” Akshay Kumar wrote.

Akshay Kumar

Now, according to our sources, Akshay is expected to return to the UK tomorrow to continue his work with producer Vashu Bhagnani. Akshay has always been one of the most dynamic players on the market and is returning to unnamed movie sets. Akshay said he admired Vashu Bhagnani who agreed to release Bell Bottom from the show knowing full well that he would not make much money as a result of the epidemic.

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