Afghan refugees have been suspended on a US-Bound Flight flight with explosives

An Afghan refugee was stopped on his way to the US carrying explosives in his home. The fugitive left Kabul for Ramstein Air Base carrying explosives.

He describes him as a US government contractor.

Only Stories reports:

An Afghan refugee who was traveling from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to the United States was arrested on Monday after he was identified before flying a plane with explosives at his home, three U.S. officials told Just News.

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The man, who was born in the early 1990s and is an Afghan national, was working as a U.S. government contractor when he was deported, and officials believe the items were related to his work and not terrorism, officials said.

However, the man was placed on a banned list and banned from traveling to the US, according to a briefing by the Transportation Security Administration on the incident with Just News. “The matter has been moved to the” red list “and is not going to the US” and US airlines have been advised, the TSA said.

The Screeners, along with a member of the German army supporting the US Air Force base in Germany, found five hats, one switch, a “def cord” and one tube while the refugees were detained Monday morning during German time, according to officials. summary of TSA.

“The TSA advised that in the (complete) investigation of any property a member of the German military has identified something suspicious in these states,” the TSA said. The blast was picked up outside the hangar, a legal team was summoned and the man was removed from the checkpoint, Memo said.

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