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The end of episode 5 ‘Heels’ was really tearing down the jaw. HL spoke privately with Kelli Berglund about the battle against Ace against Bobby, Crystal and Ace’s strained relationship, and much more.

Ace’s thoughts found the best during September 12 of Metals. After Crystal left the script and parted with Ace in front of everyone, Ace retaliated by breaking Bobby’s leg. Terrible, Ace bends Bobby’s leg until the bone breaks the skin. Crystal watches nervously as everything descends in front of her.

HollywoodLife he got a chance to talk to them TOGETHER Kelli Berglund about the game changer section. Crystal really showed off her skills and self-confidence, but it didn’t happen the way she expected. Kelli talked about Crystal and Wild Bill’s binding, Crystal’s vision for the future, and whether they think Crystal and Ace are good for each other.

Kelli Berglund played as Crystal. (Artist: Brandon Moningka)

The whole story was just a mess. Crystal left, parted from Ace in front of everyone, and then Ace broke Bobby’s leg violently. Do you think there is a part of Crystal that feels guilty about what happens?
Kelli Berglund: Absolutely. I think there is a lot of weight already on Crystal in doing her job and making sure she is doing her best job to do her job. I think his role in the moment, especially the discussion with Wild Bill, is finally put in front of him: you’ve been bullied for a long time now by all these people, and it’s time to show them for a long time who you are and what you can do. That’s why I really love that moment for her, and I love the momentous moment that is the time for Crystal’s light. He has only one word at a time. I think he doesn’t care about upsetting Ace and what could have damaged their relationship because we’ve seen how they treated him. Over time, the connection between them, is not so good as they take him, but the last thing they would like is for Bobby to get involved because we have seen the relationship grow, and they encourage each other so much. Then his source of comfort and security and friendship is unbroken. They can live on their own by themselves. Because of what can happen, he feels like his whole problem is his. He knows Ace is a fanatic, but in the end, if he hadn’t done it well, it wouldn’t have happened. It’s too high and too low for him. It’s fun to deal with it, but he hates it that happens.

I think even Ace isn’t jealous of what they think might be between them. It’s as if hurting Bobby means hurting Crystal and her chances of appearing.
Kelli Berglund: He wants it for himself. It’s about Ace. It’s about his success, and he kind of takes everyone around him to achieve this. He knows he’s hurting Crystal. It really hurts Bobby. He knows Jack is married, but he doesn’t care because that’s how Ace is.

Crystal and Ace are in a very difficult relationship, to say the least. Things get messy when you mix business with ideas, but do you think Crystal is in love with Ace?
Kelli Berglund: I think Crystal is a young girl. I want to say that she is probably 20 years old. She is a girl with a real mind and heart for someone like Ace. I think if she was the type of girl if she could, she would choose her career over dating. But like most of the women shown, I think she knows that Ace needs her as a support and as a comforter and makes sure she’s okay and keeps her on the line. That’s why when they’ve been in a relationship like this, I think there’s a real love between them. I think Ace really loves Crystal. She just doesn’t know how to reconcile this with her work and her relationship with Jack and the pain she is recovering from her father. I think he’s like a man’s filth. He puts Ace ahead. He puts DWL first, but in the end, it’s time for Crystal to start looking at Crystal. I think it sounds good when the show is going on, and I don’t think he’s using it to get to the top. I think there is a part of this, and they want to work together and get along well together. But I don’t think it’s just his desire to do better.

Do you think he sees her as a threat?
Kelli Berglund: I think so. I think maybe at first, but you have to ask yourself why there are no female fighters on the ship. It’s a crazy idea, and we know that Crystal can fight back. I love that Jack admits it several times throughout the season, and you see the slightest connection between Jack and Crystal. It’s like, this girl has an idea. Maybe I’ll take the advice to little Crystal who is the only valet. I think Ace sees this as more dangerous than Jack does, but he knows that if Jack knows it’s a rivalry now between Ace and Crystal, this will confuse [Ace’s] head. They don’t want that. He wants everything to go well. So, unfortunately, Crystal put it the way it is, but then the dangers are there.

Alexander Ludwig
Ace breaks Bobby’s leg in section 5. (STARZ)

There are some realistic ideas out there, but are Ace and Crystal ultimately good for each other? There is a lot of poison there.
Kelli Berglund: That is the question. They get along very well. They both love to fight. He loves this world. They grew up in the small town of Duffy. But maybe it’s just the wrong time. Is another time appropriate for them? I do not know. Can they do well without each other? I think they are in a very strange place in their lives where they have not yet confirmed this. But no, I don’t think Ace Crystal’s treatment is good for her mental health. I think she is a very strong girl who can separate a lot of things and realize that that is what it is and not let it reach her. But he becomes a man at the end of the day, and these things probably get to him, and he puts them in bottles and eats him, which is not good at all. I think in their lives right now this is definitely a borderline danger.

Wild Bill never came out. As soon as he got to the scene, he was just like a picture of the man, but slowly but surely he was a source of wisdom.
Kelli Berglund: Isn’t it crazy the changes he had? It’s like, have I been here and felt sorry for Wild Bill yet? It just does a good job of being a wild person in a way that you still love him and want you to do well. He does a good job there.

He gave Crystal the confidence, or less she needed to show off her skills. Do you think Wild Bill could be a good friend for him?
Kelli Berglund: I think so. I love copying the bat, you never know what you would think of a Wild Bill. Is this a bad person? Is he a person we do not trust? I think it’s a reflection of his personality, and this is a good example of the popularity it does for someone, in other words. But I think when he has his problems, I think there is something real about the conversation he is having with Crystal. He doesn’t have to do anything to pull Crystal aside and tell her all about it. Unless, of course, it’s just a matter of watching the chaos unfold. But I think I’m smarter than that, and he knows this world. They see the potential of Crystal, and I think they’re doing this for a very real reason.

At the beginning of episode 5, we saw Crystal in a ring showcasing her skills. Jack loved where he went with things. He realizes what Crystal can do. They have these good things back and forth with each other. What can you say about their progress?
Kelli Berglund: This is something I wish I could see growing in the future for the foreseeable future. Obviously, Jack’s first concern is that this dome has to work, Ace has to work, we all need to work because we all just want a stable job and we want to be happy and we want to do well. There’s a clear risk that Crystal is making Ace angry in any way. We have to please Ace, then number one. I think it’s part 1 or 2 where Jack goes, ‘What’s your name? Cheryl? ‘And she’s like,’ Crystal. ‘ I love that Crystal has no problem speaking to Jack, but not in a way that crosses the line when he is not respectful because he can’t. He will be removed in two seconds. Ace has had valets for years, and he can come out at any moment, which is why he walks the fine line of endurance sh * t and silence. After the second episode, after Ace leaves the track, there is a difficult, exciting moment between Jack and Crystal as he just gets into his car. He’s like, ‘Let’s find out because I love him, and this is my opinion and I don’t care.’ It all starts with that and Crystal thinks Ace can be a good heel, and she’s not wrong. It is like where all the flowers come from. And while they may not be known about it in front of everyone else, the two have unspoken conversations and unspoken powers. They respect each other and follow through to stage 8 when Crystal does dangerous things, and Jack gives her permission to do it because she knows what she is doing. He has a plan. He’s been in this world. He’s not stupid, so that’s something I want to know to see between them because it’s friendship and respect. I love it so much and I am glad that someone of Jack’s character and importance would agree with this and Crystal’s appearance.

Kelli Berglund
Kelli Berglund as Crystal and Stephen Amell as Jack. (NEWS)

Crystal grew up in the small town of Duffy. For some people, it is difficult to leave the place where they grew up. What future does he look forward to? Do you think they would be happier outside Duffy?
Kelli Berglund: I think he would. I think Duffy is the best known, and he’s been pretty good at it. But I think there is something about Crystal that is wise beyond her years, and she realized at the age of 20 or less to see for herself beyond this. He’s working in a way to climb to the top in some way or to see a job outside of Duffy. I don’t think he hates Duffy. I think that’s part of it and it should be that way. He found something in the town that made him stay there and that he loved him, so I don’t think he would have spit on Duffy that way if he had done better in a world that fought more than this. But I think her job is important to her, and she wants to be on stage, in the ring, doing her things.

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