Aaron Rodgers says the Packers expect to ‘go up and down the field’ against the Saints

The Packers were, in the words of their instructor, ashamed of the Saints Sunday. He lost 38-3 and the defeat was one-sided.

What will happen to this Super Bowl who is competing in the Hall of Fame quarterback who is coming this MVP season? Well, the quarterback was surprisingly clear in his previous comment: over-reliance.

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“Maybe we felt like we were going up and down the field for everyone who was with him out there and it obviously wasn’t the case today,” he said. Aaron Rodgers said, on ESPN.com.

Green Bay instead found 229 yards in total offense and 43 yards down. Rodgers dropped two unbeaten runs by Jordan Love in the fourth quarter. The Packers also lost the fraud. Their own goals were met by Mason Crosby’s field goal in the late half.

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“I give Dennis Allen a lot of credit (defender in New Orleans),” added Rodgers. “I think I’ve always thought of him as a very good defender. He’s got a good mind. He’s always playing two shots and slowing down and forward. He did a good job.”

The white Saints team was battling the Packers ’offensive line that left David Bakhtiari (knee) missing and included two starters, but only lost Rodgers once. Rodgers, however, had 4.75 yards per try while throwing the full throws to the receivers.

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“We’re coming up with a couple of NFC competitive games and obviously we’re excited about the role we have,” Rodgers said. “Then this is a good hit where you know.”

LaFleur was throwing himself after the game. He took the blame for his team’s failure, although it should be noted that New Orleans were fourth in the NFL against running last season.

Green Bay’s next opponent, the Lions, was not strong. Detroit was seventh against running and 30th against license in 2020. The device did not show any change in Week 1; allowed 41 points and 442 yards for the 49ers lost to the Lions.

If only one week for Rodgers and Co. hear the rooster, if he was coming. Those ideas should not be questioned after what Green Bay did on Sunday.

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