Why did Lionel Messi leave Barcelona? Explaining what happened between Messi and the La Liga club

With what seemed to be just a few days or hours away from the long-awaited announcement of free agent Lionel Messi to rejoin Barcelona on a new deal, the club have announced just eight days before the new league kicks off a season in which Messi would not be returning.

Soon, the club shared a Messi tax video, changing the unthinkable of Barcelona and Messi doing the opposite.

There was a warning when Barcelona was set up Every day Marca from Spain says that there were other events signing Messi would not happen. The club’s announcement came a few hours later, and it pointed the finger at the Spanish league, La Liga.

Barcelona criticize La Liga

Words of Barcelona he says, frankly, that the club and the player want to make a deal – reports in recent weeks have said Messi was willing to take a 50% pay to make it happen – but competition rules made it impossible.

“Although FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi have agreed and the ambitious intentions of both to sign a new contract today, this will not be possible due to Spanish LaLiga rules on player registration,” a Barcelona statement said.

“As a result, Messi does not remain at FC Barcelona. Both are very worried that the wishes of the player and the club will not be met.”

Under the La Liga rules enacted in 2013, there are both club rules that reduce player earnings and earn 70% of club fees.

In order to achieve this after cutting huge costs due to the COVID-19 epidemic, FC Barcelona entered the summer season needing to spend more than $ 200 million on payments to sign Messi. But less transfer to Europe all means the Blaugrana were not close to that figure, and on August 5, the club and the player realized that signing would not be possible.

The announcement of a major overhaul in La Liga and its clubs yesterday was interpreted by many as helping Barcelona calculate the game budget in a way that ensured Messi would wear it. The initiative based on La Liga’s funding mechanisms has resulted in Barcelona benefiting from infusion of more than $ 300 million, which 15% can be used to sign players.

But the good news is that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of La Liga’s most indebted clubs and all the founding members of the failed European Super League, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the business agreement with CVC Capital Partners to be voted for by 42 La Liga clubs.

Observers say the acceptance of the agreement would have enabled the clubs to earn money in La Liga in the next few decades and fail their Super League goals. It is the only way to explain why Barcelona, ​​which is said to have exceeded $ 1 billion in debt, would refuse such a move, which would have been in line with the predicted Super League budget.

Was the Barcelona-Messi talks just for show?

There is one speculation that Barcelona knew it would be impossible to sign Messi and in line with his salary in the next budget next season. Considering how the transition season was designed, regardless of the players earning the most money, it was not possible for Barcelona to give Messi a chance according to the competition rules.

Because Barca waited a week before the season and set the record straight in La Liga with its strict rules, some journalists think it was a way to work with sponsors to resolve the problems that the club’s chief executive was forced to leave due to financial problems. It removes the interest in the careless years that have led to huge debts that have burdened the organization during the financial crisis that the plague has brought.

Some have speculated that Messi is also aware that he will not sign for Barcelona and that he may want to leave the club before his arrest. The “La Liga” rules are a valid reason to leave the club and preserve its reputation with fans.

In the meantime, since they have no contract and have not been forced to camp, they are still on vacation and invisible journalists, with three good weeks to form a new club.

Would it be hypocritical? Can Messi return?

One magic group believes that Barcelona’s words – which, interestingly, were not followed by a farewell word or message from Messi’s camp – could be an attempt to force La Liga to change the rules or to break the club.

La Liga speculation that the business will not be able to oust Messi, especially after he signed a US $ 175 million TV and radio deal annually for eight years ($ 1.4 billion). What good would La Liga have been without Messi?

But La Liga president Javier Tebas has been adamant in recent months that there will be no bias against the rules and no special treatment will be given to Messi or Barcelona. If Barcelona, ​​behind the wall, are calling him, then they should be disappointed, especially since Tebas ’mind is interested in a business deal and the rules are changing a week before the season.

How is this different from Messi’s performance last summer?

Last year, the situation was very different. In the summer of 2020, a year before a four-year deal worth $ 675 million in Barcelona, ​​Messi publicly announced his intention to leave. He also said he had an oral agreement with former President Josep Bartomeu to be released from his contract with the club.

But when it became clear that Bartomeu did not want to let the Barcelona story go, Messi refused to take the club to court as a rule, and chose to remain in a period of opposition to his wishes.

Many believe that after Bartomeu resigned and Joan Laporta took over earlier this year, there was an opportunity for Laporta to find a way to keep Messi in Barcelona after he had a close relationship with him during his time as club president, when the club had excelled in his history. .

But perhaps Laporta, too, is aware of the results all this time despite the fact that he was calling on the president based on his ability to give the club a better chance of keeping Messi. The financial crisis Laporta (below) experienced is not good, and he knows it. We need to learn more about this topic when he spoke to reporters on Friday.

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What’s happening now?

Laporta is expected to hold a press conference on Friday morning in Spain to provide information on Messi’s performance.

Viewers will want to speak in public from Messi or his Barcelona team-mates, especially as reporters begin to descend on the team and Camp Nou ahead of Sunday’s Joan Gamper Cup against Italian giants Juventus.

He will also look into the rumors, with French giants Paris Saint-Germany as the team that should do their best to become Messi’s freedom fighter:

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