Pennsylvania GOP Senate Leader Jake Corman Obstructs Sen. Doug Mastriano Releasing Forensic Audit Subpoenas

Pennsylvania Republican Senate President Jake Corman has put an end to Doug Mastriano’s efforts to monitor the results of the PA2020 elections.

Senator Mastriano put a video on him Facebook page to criticize the “existing powers” that prevent his committee from meeting and issuing promotions.
The video was later removed.

Senator Corman is another RINO-Democrat who does not want to look at America’s largest case in history.
What a disgrace.

Election experts Professor Dave Clements and Seth Keshel say there are an estimated 424,000 fraudulent votes in Pennsylvania by 2020.

Clements and Keshel Experts: Trump’s Bigger in Pennsylvania at 424,000 Votes Stolen by Fraud – Trump Won 52% -46%

ABOUT: BREAKING BIG – Jovan Pulitzer: Arizona Audit Report to Present to Senate Friday, Consequences Will Disrupt World

Jake Corman is urging Senator Mastriano to file a petition to investigate allegations of vote-rigging in the state.

** You can contact Jake Corman’s office at (717) 787-1377

Dwight Weidman pa Franklin County Newspaper reported in July of “powers that have been” blocking Mastriano’s attempts to monitor elections in Pennsylvania.

Penn Living reports:

Former President Donald Trump’s probationary candidate for the Arizona legislature in the Pennsylvania, 2020 presidential election said on Thursday that fellow Republicans in the state Senate were blocking his efforts.

In a video posted on Thursday on Facebook, Sen Sen Doug Mastriano did not name names, but said “the power is there” by preventing him from holding a meeting of the committee he sits on to vote for senators in the states …

… Mastriano needs a committee number to meet.

Republican senate leaders have not kept quiet about what Mastriano did as it led to tensions in the Republican assembly. Democrats oppose it.

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