Whoopi Goldberg Takes Meghan McCain’s Excuses for 1/6 Terrorists Apart

On Tuesday, four Capitol police officers spoke out about the incident on January 6. In their ongoing efforts to protect Donald Trump, the Conservatives have begun harassing officers who served that day.

Residents of The View discussed the matter at a demonstration on Wednesday. Not surprisingly, Meghan McCain also changed several Republican points. However, it was immediately closed by Whoopi Goldberg’s allies.

McCain began, “Blue Lives Matter ‘is something that many Republicans have said and what I have truly said I believe. Or, I do not like left-wing politicians, because I remember a few months ago being told that all lawmakers could not be redeemed and needed various education and had to be paid and there were places with only a few bad apples, and an unpleasant group of legal staff. ”

Conservative speaking head he pleaded“I hope that all political parties will be removed for this reason, and we can take this as an educational moment about how important the police and law enforcement are and that last year’s news and speculation has become equally dangerous.”

Goldberg, however, he jumped in, “I I have to point my finger to the other side, and this is not about politics. This is not about paying everyone back. This is not related to anything but a really disgusting behavior by people who were actually encouraged by someone who lives in the White House. ”

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