Spotify’s CEO does not believe that the platform is responsible for the development of podcasts

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the most listened-to shows Spotify since the tower added them to its list last year. He’s also been the hardest hit by Rogan’s guest selection and his ideas. Spotify has no plans to do anything about it, as the company’s CEO does not believe the platform should comment on podcasters’ content. When Axios asked Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on questions about whether the company should be responsible for making podcasts like Rogan’s, and Ek replied that Rogan is just one of many producers.

Axios showed that Rogan could be one of them, and also one of the highest paid. Ek replied, however, that rapists earn tens of millions of dollars on the platform, but Spotify does not control what they put in their songs. Rogan signed $ 100 million for active search in May 2020 production The experience of Joe Rogan available to Spotify audience. Less than a year later, the podcast became Spotify.

According to a Wall Street Journal In a report last year, employees at Spotify expressed their concerns over what they wrote in a podcast that they felt were anti-transgender. Rogan has visited several exhibitors from the show since he started on the platform. They include Abigail Shrier, author of Unexplained Damage: Transgender Craze To Seduce Our Daughters, and More Owner Alex Jones who spreads coronavirus lies on the podcast. Recently, Rogan said he did not think people should receive the COVID-19 vaccine, even though they backtracked and he told the audience disobeying his instructions.

In a recent Spotify report, he said the Rogan podcast did “more than he expected.” Obviously, everything they do is get people to start singing, so the company probably doesn’t see any reason to interfere.

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