Robinhood trading software sets the price of shares at the low end in the IPO

Changes to IPOs

Robinhood has bought its shares for $ 38 each, at the end of the day, which shows a decrease in the number of investors in what people expect to sell in a popular trading program.

The company, which aimed to sell 55m shares, had lost between $ 38- $ 42 per share. While the hottest IPOs are often priced higher than expected, Robinhood’s importance shows that the interest of retailers was not enough in the stock market.

The last $ 38 price announced late Wednesday gives Robinhood an estimated $ 31.7bn. Private retailer gems already at $ 11bn over August. Shares are expected to start selling Thursday at the Nasdaq stock market.

Robinhood from California remained a place to choose from For many first-time stockbrokers, the offer of free services that promote rewards, bonuses and discounts. When I was in my mid-31’s, its clients were often younger and had lower incomes than online brokers such as Schwab, Fidelity and ETrade.

It recorded the explosive growth, doubling the number of accounts on the platform from a year to 31m.

However, Robinhood has also been plagued by game controls such as software on its program, customer cuts, and reliance on a controversial marketing campaign called pay-per-view system. In June the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority fined Robinhood $ 70m for “massive and massive” customer damage. It was the greatest punishment Finra ever inflicted.

Giving was divided up to 35 percent of its shares your customers. The low interest rate of Robinhood’s IPO shows that women are also less likely to be affected by the recent spotlight and concerns about how businesses can achieve more business in a plague-ridden world where people have time to do other things.

Robinhood’s offer opens the air for its managers and fundraisers. At the IPO price tag, co-founders Robinhood Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev will have shares of $ 3bn and $ 2bn, respectively.

Index Ventures, the company’s largest retailer, could be valued at $ 3.2bn.

Robinhood’s incredible growth from time to time leads to a lack of expertise at a very high rate, and with the rise in share of meme stock GameStop stocks in January the platform had to stop trading and raise billions to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Advertisers who donated $ 3.5bn in an emergency to receive shares at a 30 percent discount on the offer price, when their credit was changed.

Bhatt and Tenev will retain the majority of votes for Robinhood through a split in the two parties, meaning they will have less than 65% of their voting rights even if they have less than 20% of the shares.

The high rate of voting was cited by those who sell to organizations as a concern to participate in the donations, although Robinhood did well recently.

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