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Rachel’s mother meets Doug for the first time in the ‘Love After Lockup’ show alone, and doesn’t think Doug has any good intentions.

Rachel and Doug sit down to meet Rachel’s mother, and Doug’s son, Dougie, in this preview of the July 16 episode of Love After Bed. Rachel asks her mother if she wants to go out for a meal with them. Rachel’s mother respectfully submits the request.

Doug ‘s son comes to his father with “smart ideas.” Doug brings the girls Dougie talks to on TikTok. Dougie insists he has only one friend, but Doug doesn’t think so. “I’m not like you,” Dougie tells his father.

Doug is Rachel’s husband. (WE TV)

Dougie has hit back that his father had 10 boyfriends in the past three years. Doug tries to ignore it, but Rachel’s mom doesn’t care about him at all. After she leaves, Rachel’s mother tells Doug, “Take care of my baby.”

“Rachel looks very happy, but my gut has been sick since I met her. She knows where her bread and fat are,” Rachel’s mother says. “I believe and pray that there will be no disappointments.”

Rachel pulls out her mother and asks her mother what she thinks of Doug. Rachel’s mother says: “She needs to be humble. Rachel replies, “She’s not in jail now.”

Love After Bed
Rachel’s mother doesn’t like Doug. (WE TV)

Rachel met Doug at the Prisoner’s Record. After two previous prison relationships, three times believing it to be a charm! Rachel and Doug married while in prison and never had a boyfriend. Doug has been in prison since she was 18 and has an 11-year-old son. She has not been faithful in her relationships but thinks things will improve with her. Rachel – a hardworking mother who is able to provide for herself and her son.

The caption for the July 16 episode reads: “Nicolle keeps a secret secret. Stan throws her at Lisa and commits a bizarre crime. After that 11 years waiting for Jeff, Anissa fears it might not be the third show. Doug is reunited with his son, but is attracted to his mother-in-law. ” Love After Bed tomorrow friday at 9 a.m. on WE tv.

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