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The legacy of ‘Power’ continues with ‘Raising Kanan.’ HL took exclusive notes from star Mekai Curtis and presenter Sashca Penn of ‘Canaan before Canaan.’

It’s the land of Kanan Stark now, and we’re just living. Second Power sprout, Power Book 3: Growing Canaan, followed by a 15-year-old Canaanite living in South Jamaica, Queens. HollywoodLife spoke TOGETHER with Mekai Curtis about participation 50 Cent became famous in the beginning Power list.

“When we meet Canaan, it’s 1991. He’s 15 years old. You meet Canaan before he becomes Canaan,” Mekai told HollywoodLife. “In the whole show, the whole season, the whole series, whatever, you see how he became the one we first saw. Power. That’s why it’s called Right Raising. It’s about the environment, the influence, the situation in Canada. You see the many choices they have to make and why they make them. ”

Mekai Curtis as a young Kanan Stark. (NEWS)

Sascha repeated HollywoodLife, “I think the race you will find is a race that also sounds as if it is connected and connected to the race you found as 50 Cent. What we are doing is rebuilding Kanan since he lived there for 50 years. We are also making him in 15 years.”

Mekai recalled that his first meeting with 50 Cent was “very high” and it didn’t happen until he had already started throwing. “My first encounter with 50 people did not happen until after my science study Patina Miller, which was my last attempt, “said Mekai. This was the first time I had met 50. But yeah, it was a very cool connection.”

Sascha realized that throwing young Canaanites was a “very big deal” for Right Raising group. “We knew we were coming in because we had this guy who was already settled and he has realized and known amazingly over 50,” continued Sascha. “We searched the whole country. Mekai, in turn, came early and got a job early. What we didn’t do was tell the actors who counted the part where they counted the Canaanites because we didn’t want them to imitate 50 Cent. Basically, we want to know what they were like. “

Mekai Curtis
Mekai Curtis and 50 Cent get together. (NEWS)

He added, “Mekai has more than 50 items, which is a kind of innate charm and curiosity. Again, there is a personality for Mekai who also has 50. I think it is one of the 50 that do not get enough credit, which has a real personality for I think that people take this, as it is said in Canaan, to be carried away by a group of criminals. Right Raising will be shown Sunday at STARZ.

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