Mark Zuckerberg says movies account for about half the time he spends on Facebook

Facebook users are spending a lot of time watching videos, and the videos are getting shorter as the Instagram Reels are growing rapidly. Speaking at a time when the company was receiving funding, company chief Mark Zuckerberg said “the video now has half of the total time spent on Facebook.” And on Instagram, the TikTok Reels contestant is “a major contributor to security growth.”

Although they have stopped sharing the latest statistics, the latest shows show that Instagram’s Reels could be a success while the company does For creative talent. Mr Zuckerberg added that the company’s interest in manufacturers and acquaintances would also help achieve its long-term goal of becoming a “competitive company.”

Facebook revealed earlier this week that it is using an Instagram exec to launch a new team that is looking to create more events. “You can think of this as the internet you’re in and not just looking at,” Zuckerberg said. “You can do everything you can online today, as well as other things that don’t sound online these days like dancing.”

Zuckerberg’s comments come as the company also reported growth over the years, earning more than $ 29 billion, an increase of 56% since last year. The company also claimed more than 3.5 billion “hard-working people,” although the number of users in the US remained.

Despite such a quarterly increase, the company warned that the whole of 2021 could look very different. Facebook expects inflation to grow “sharply” in the second half of the year, says CFO Dave Wehner. He also said Apple’s Apple 14.5 update, which allows users to opt out of social networking sites, could significantly affect the next phase.

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