‘It doesn’t make sense’: a large crowd in Tokyo, not at the Olympics

Olympic changes in Tokyo

“If you love New Japan Pro Wrestling, clap your hands!” roared Hiromu “Time Bomb” Takahashi, marching around the ring wearing a pair of shorts, in which the smell of fried chicken and incense is mixed inside the Tokyo Dome.

A crowd of more than 5,000 people, packed last week to watch highlights such as “Cold Skull” Sanada, Shingo “The Dragon” Takagi and Zack Saber Jr. he is not fighting against them in the Wrestle Grand Slam, he tried to do this.

Unlike Olympic skateboarding just hours before it was dangerous.

Ten-year-old Ryota Shirosaki and his father stood on the bridge overlooking the Ariake town park, with a large water bottle and experimental hoofs, to try and watch the race.

The Shirosakis had one-match tickets, with Japan winning two gold medals. But it ended when Tokyo 2020 made a final decision to perform the game the door is closed.

“It’s hot, but it would be hot to look at the stadium,” said Ryota. “I don’t care. But I don’t see much from here.”

Five days in the Tokyo Games, a run for impressive success in Japan has placed the host country on top of the gold medal table and encouraged the people.

Non-spectator sports are very different from other sports events, such as the Wrestle Grand Slam where 5,000 fans filled the Tokyo Dome © Etsuo Hara / Getty Images

Interestingly, however, it has been based on what television stations were able to initiate, not because of disagreements which means that wrestling matches were allowed to continue with thousands of indoor spectators but no one was allowed to gather to watch skateboarding in the open.

“It’s very frustrating not to look good and it was the wrong decision,” said Ryota’s father, who did not want to be named. “It was so that he could say that he cared for a [coronavirus] the situation is but I don’t think it was a big risk if half the stadium was full. It’s outside and we wear masks. ”

The Tokyo Emergency Management Act (ECHR) says the incident could be as high as 50 percent, up to 5,000 people.

But the state government, the city of Tokyo and the organizers of Tokyo 2020 decided to extend the guidelines and keep the Olympics open under pressure from medical advisers. Doing such a big event with spectators, doctors said, could trigger multiplying travel of people throughout the region, the resorts and the rapid spread of the Delta variety.

Japanese women beat US to win gold medal in softball but no fans were on the field to witness their victory © JIJI PRESS / AFP via Getty Pictures

The International Olympic Committee has been outraged by the decision, according to people who know his views.

“If you were here, and all the stadiums were empty, you would say: ‘No problem,’ said Michael Payne, former IOC chief marketing officer.” It’s one law with one event, and one law with other things. Something is going on that doesn’t make sense. ”

All fans are fans of the IOC, the problem of having an event without spectators and a flat area, where even the most spectacular sporting events are welcomed with applause from several coaches and other officials.

“The problem you can easily see on TV is that there is no air. There is no emotion, “said Shirosaki.” They say that this is an emotional Olympics, but how can you say that there is no international support? “

Japanese adherents sometimes contradict the instructions. When the race started the men were locked up last weekend but when the riders came out on the streets, they found a local crowd and bike enthusiasts walking on the road. The authorities put up posters urging everyone to go home but did nothing to evict them.

A recent research because the Nikkei newspaper expressed a suggestion to move slightly in favor of the Olympics, while 37% said it was necessary to continue without observation, 31% said it should be removed or suspended and 25% said other fans should be allowed.

But the Covid-19 crisis in Tokyo is still serious, with 3,177 cases reported to headquarters Wednesday. No matter how eager he is to allow viewers, Tokyo 2020 is still active in its coronavirus strategy.

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