Biden Urges Democrats to Use Reconciliation to Protect Dancers After DACA Control

President Biden said the DOJ would appeal and urged Congress to use the conciliation to restore the DACA program to its fullest extent.

In a statement to PoliticusUSA, President Biden stated:

In 2012, the Obama-Biden Administration enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) law, which allowed thousands of young people to immigrate to the United States, to live, study, and work in our community. Nine years later, Congress did nothing to provide for Dreamers citizens.

Yesterday’s ruling in the Federal court is very disappointing. While the court order no longer applies to DACA recipients here, this concept saves hundreds of thousands of young people from an uncertain future. The Department of Justice wants to appeal the decision to uphold and strengthen DACA. And, as the court ruled, the Homeland Security department wants to issue a ruling on DACA soon.

But only Congress can guarantee a lasting solution by providing the opportunity to become dreaming citizens who can provide the assurance and stability that these young people need and deserve. I have repeatedly called on Congress to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, and I am now reinstating this call as soon as possible. I strongly believe that through reconciliation or other means, Congress will provide security for all Olota, who have long lived in fear.

Senate Democrats Need to Increase DACA Experimental Initiatives

The federal court ruling suspended new jobs in the future for the DACA program, which dreams of hundreds of Olota. Democrats have been given jurisdiction over Congress on such cases.

Protecting the Dream is popular in politics. Although many Republicans are skeptical about Olota, so it should not be a problem for the House of Representatives to enact legislation to reconcile laws to protect young people who have not changed since coming to this country.

Dreamers are a treasure trove in a country where they are supposed to be citizens. It is time for uncertainty to end and for Congress to make America a better place.

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